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Integrated multimedia approaches to teaching literature using film and instructional technology.
People who faithfully attended instructional sessions definitely had better weight loss.
Some friends who were dance teachers sold instructional videos at workshops paid for one of the mobile card machines.
Our first post in this series took an in-depth look at the top-ranked characteristic, exceptional instructional ability.
These official and instructional materials reveal the thought, and perhaps the practice, of only a few.
In some ways, the change in thinking reverses the instructional relationship postulated by the central dogma.
He draws on his construction experience to write instructional home and garden articles.
Oversee instructional technology projects and initiatives.
For the foreseeable future, we'll be looking at instructional technologies as means of reaching more students with less resources.
With the rapidly increasing use of instructional video comes new barriers to accessibility.
Faculty are expected to engage students through the use of both traditional and innovative instructional strategies.
Along with librarians, teachers are embracing comics, both for recreational and instructional reading.
To be the instructional leader you should be an expert in instruction.
Many of the golf tips found in instructional videos come down to this: if something feels natural, forget it.
Where to find instructional videos for popular software applications.
It would make quite an instructional video, proving the pain this action star endures to give pleasure to moviegoers.
Information and resources for instructional materials.
Technology integration is not a subject area, nor is it a curriculum: it is an instructional strategy.
My high school spends slightly more in instructional and operational expenses per student.
Consumers will also view an important instructional video to help consumers ensure the harness is properly fastened.
In our district, cell phones are prohibited from all instructional areas, they are to be turned off and kept out of sight.

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