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In the current political discourse, civic education means more than instruction about the functions of government.
Online education will be part of the future, but on-site instruction brings benefits beyond the obvious.
Yes, online instruction can enhance traditional education, but teaching methods need to be adapted.
He said math and science instruction should be priorities and urged parents to stay involved in their children's education.
Consumer-electronics instruction manuals need a makeover.
Two-thirds of those presidents said online learning was comparable to face-to-face instruction.
The balance between instruction and invitation to delve deeper is skilfully struck.
The researchers found that good instruction promoted stronger reading development.
Fill out the form and you will be emailed instruction on downloading your ticket.
Clasp your hands and remove your shoes for an hour of instruction.
Here's the instruction sheet that comes with the game.
Those children who benefit from academic instruction in their native language are significantly more likely to enroll in college.
Inventive and genuine instruction comes from solid standards.
Well, then maybe you could fault the museum for not being strict enough in their instruction.
Use any piece of technology intuitively, without instruction or prior knowledge.
The short answer is that he doubts that this paper's readers really want instruction in the use of language from it.
Trying to match instruction to the students' learning styles might actually result in lowered achievement.
The tile interface is plenty intuitive, so you probably won't need an instruction manual when you're setting up the phone.
But this instruction needs to move down to the undergraduate level.
It is not simply an instruction manual, it is a book to facilitate learning and understanding.
Failure to read and follow instruction is the cause of many illnesses.
Instruction costs have not increased much more than inflation.
Ski and snowshoe rentals as well as instruction are available at the visitor center.
Collaborate with faculty on the optimal design of curriculum and instruction and the effective uses of technology.
Detailed instruction booklets include information on the building's history.
The fine arts present special challenges for online instruction.
Nearly every page of the instruction book has one or more of these tips.
The trick is to find the sweet spot where technology and instruction meet.
Better instruction across the curriculum is what is needed to produce better teachers.
Were all born with this knowledge and it needs proper instruction.
He says plans are under way to offer group instruction at discount rates.
He also thought that instruction and contact with the world were only necessary for our recollection of this knowledge.
Includes instruction on downloading existing maps and creating your own.
All of their models depend on talented teachers working in intensive, coordinated systems of instruction and student support.
The first step in answering this question is to distinguish between home schooling and home instruction.
In your medical instruction you have been accustomed to visual demonstration.
It was long before the other nations were as well provided in their own languages with useful hand-books of instruction.
The rest gathered all the instruction they received running for beer for their elders.
The improvement of student outcomes is not related to homework, but hours of instruction and quality of instruction.
Filled with practical information and step-by-step instruction, this volume easily fits in a camera bag for handy field reference.
Handlers are given instruction on how to use their canine companions as literacy mentors.
The magician barks out an instruction, and with a sudden yank, the rope snaps away.
Many of them offer advice, instruction and rental equipment for beginners.
Learning a new language by immersing yourself totally in its instruction is an excellent way to become fluent in it.
Volunteers offer instruction in basic subjects, such as reading comprehension, mathematics and reading fluency.
New kayakers might prefer to sign up for a half- or full-day of instruction in coastal kayaking.
The report also punctures the prevailing notion that older professors aren't as involved with online instruction.
As databases became more intuitive and simpler to use, library instruction in the use of archaic tools was no longer needed.
The presidents are also aware of the potential of online methods for delivering course instruction.
Still, perhaps it highlights a need for more direct instruction on how to do that type of research.
One of the suggestions is that faculty, not students, should be the focus of information literacy instruction.
Teaching students about primary sources is a hallmark of history instruction.
The website collects links and instruction to make removing yourself from one of dozens of different websites simple.
They have moved instruction online in order to free themselves from the constraints imposed by brick and mortar and geography.
The instruction aimed, as already pointed out, not to supplant but to supplement apprenticeship.
They also accept nonstop instruction in how to acknowledge criticism and take no for an answer.
Both narrators receive instruction from tough-as-nails but paternal southern gentlemen.
Give it an instruction set to aim at moving targets.
Publicize the results, and add instruction in emotional health to the educational curriculum.
When the computer calculates that the round has flown the requisite distance, it issues the instruction to detonate.
The instruction carried a whiff of revenge: this is what you wanted.
Too bad they don't know the basics of how children learn, or the nuances of curriculum and instruction.
It came with an aluminum case and a tiny instruction booklet that was leather-bound and gilt-edged.
School instruction actually switches languages for basic instruction at different grade levels.
Music instruction had no effect on visual memory, however.
But the human mind is rarely satisfied with simple instruction, as instruction-and advice-often turn out to be wrong.
The correct instruction should be to relax your eyes so they are focused near infinity.
He follows his professor's instruction to collect everything in flower when he is particularly interested in the area.
She made it clear that parents did not need to know what their children did while under her instruction.
If there is a board that is dictating through cost or through some other instruction, that's another thing.
The lowest scores in the survey went to undergraduate instruction at large, well-known research universities.
But let's not tie the time kids need for adequate instruction to that discussion.
The training this first time election judge received was excellent, and the step-by-step instruction manual is superb.
Instead, each of the four days of instruction will be lengthened an hour, and recesses and other breaks will be shortened.
Instead she rested on a gurney, alert and calm, taking deep breaths at her hypnotherapist's instruction.
There's something about winter holidays that invite the double-purpose-instruction genre.
It promised intensive one-on-one instruction that often failed to materialize.
In his hand was a photocopy of the display that he was using as an instruction sheet.
Find out how to get an instruction permit so you can practice driving.

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