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Imagine if you could instruct those services to interact with each other automatically under certain conditions.
Although emergency crews and police prefer and instruct that civilians stay away.
Second, the main job of any particular gene is to instruct cells to make its corresponding protein.
Instruct them to reach consensus on the establishment of three groups of countries.
Please instruct me who to contact regarding this possible employment.
Then the treating doctor must instruct a laboratory to use the type of culture media on which the organisms grow.
Unfortunately for those of us who instruct in philosophy, there are other ways to become proficient in critical thinking.
Unless you instruct us otherwise, your cells will be destroyed at the conclusion of the project.
Instruct students to read, review, and count pizzeria listings.
Instruct students to write a descriptive paragraph about their kimono.
Instruct the students to take notes on the findings of each team.
Hand one student a ball of yarn and instruct the student to hold onto the end of the yarn.
King's kinetic treatise contained so much wit and grace that it afforded pleasure even as it attempted to instruct.
Instruct students to look for resources on the various sites that discuss the interaction between nature and economics.
Winners, not losers, write the history books intended to instruct the next generation.
Instruct student pairs to work together to gather the information requested on the data sheet.
And he has taken the opportunity to instruct us in our highest concerns, even when the throng was calling for soaring rhetoric.
In addition, instruct students to research measures that have been mobilized to restore the health of the bay.
If unintended contact is made, the manuals instruct guides to initiate communication with natives in local tongues.
They were on call to serve and instruct him about their cultures.
Instruct students to look at the information on their charts.
Instruct them to appear suddenly when the dog is fairly close to them.
They will instruct you if it is necessary to take the patient to the hospital.
Nerves based in the fish's brain instruct its fins to move, and off it goes.
The next step is to figure out which genes instruct a germ stem cell to differentiate into an egg.
He promised a paper that would instruct while it amused its reader.
He first asks you to instruct the inspector general to arrange the inspection teams such that a different pair visits each ship.
But if you would be rich, write a book which shall instruct married people how to make the best of their uncomfortable situation.
Most recipes instruct you to start with butter that is straight from the refrigerator.
The same computer that produces the blueprint can instruct the machinery to build the part.
McLaughlin instruct traffic policemen to wait few seconds before starting traffic when lights change.
All have taught themselves that they are there to instruct and puzzle an audience, not to please it.
They will instruct you on how to turn in your smaller, untreated pieces.
As students read, instruct them to look for the other boldface words and nearby phrases or context clues that define these words.
Instruct students to clap when they hear one of the words.
Instruct each group to create a poster and brochure to promote it.
Applicants must address in their applications their ability to work with and instruct a culturally diverse population.
Instruct the bank to turn off the overdraft protection so you can spend only if there is actually money in your account.
Or, you could instruct the device to record all new episodes of a show, without leaving the program you are currently watching.
Virtual world platforms can also provide a foundation for serious games, intended to instruct and illuminate.
Humans actively instruct others about how things should be done.
Somebody has to instruct them as to what to do, where, and when.
Genes, the story goes, instruct your cells as to their structure and function.
It's a question for geneticists, who study the dna blueprints that instruct those cells in how to build a body.
The program also includes special sessions that instruct students on the whole college application process.
History should instruct, and it should offer moral instruction, for political science is inextricable from ethics.
Such ought to be the zeal of every one to instruct and edify his neighbour by word and example.
Instruct your children in firearms discipline, and invite them along when you go to the range.
Your health care provider will instruct you, if necessary, to discontinue drugs that may interfere with test results.
Volunteers also instruct the children in arts and crafts, history, geography and science.
In addition, no experience with horses is necessary, as professional trainers instruct travelers on how to direct the horse.
They may instruct undergraduate and graduate students.
The companies provide experienced guides to instruct beginners and help guide your raft down the river rapids.
Airport security may instruct travelers to turn on their computers or ask questions about the computer.
Partygoers participate in a mini climbing challenge, with four trainers present to instruct and supervise the proceedings.
They can instruct on canoe handling, area history and safe places for inexpert canoe users to venture.
The ranch staff includes experienced, certified guides to instruct beginners or sharpen the skills of the seasoned climber.
Fly-fishing guides instruct anglers on the best techniques for local catches.
But there are teachers out there waiting to instruct him in the wild life.
Governments should instruct them to jump-start trade flows until private sector financiers return.
The brain may then instruct the robot to recoil from the object, depending on whether the object could damage the robot.
The letter will instruct you on how you can remove the contents of your box.

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