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It has also little control over its body, and all its movements are automatic or instinctive.
Instinctive behavior is an unlearned, inborn tendency to behave in a way characteristic of a species, ie migration.
The instinctive reaction is to put in a coin and wait for the head and arms to start moving.
They then conducted a series of experiments on instinctive and learned fear.
For the serious photographer, f-stops and shutter speeds were definitely not instinctive.
These are conscious actions and decisions made to improve our behavior and decision making which then appears to be instinctive.
The rumor emanating from there reflected the instinctive dread aroused by such monstrous innovation.
Back then it was pretty astounding to have something feel so instinctive.
People's instinctive reaction was to start hoarding.
My point is that based on what the dog is and was created for, these are instinctive traits.
The same happened to my partner, who also underwent the gradual, instinctive change from carnivore to vegetarian.
The need to protect children is reflexive, visceral, instinctive.
But science says that altruistic impulses are largely instinctive.
Unfortunately, when portions are enormous, our instinctive neurobiology signals hunger and makes us unconsciously overeat.
Even my admission of that terrifies me in an instinctive way.
For many people on both sides of the debate, the answer is alarmingly simple and instinctive.
Reasoning can be an instinctive thought or through theology.
The couple's instinctive approach to food has certainly proven successful.
They tend to reveal an artist's instinctive approach to a subject.
Perhaps its because westerners, don't respect it when it works against their instinctive imperial desire.
Isolated from the mainland for millions of years, it is that rare wilderness where animals have no instinctive fear of humans.
They have an instinctive grasp of what is required to prepare their children for the new media environment.
There's something instinctive that pulls me to the north, the farther north the better.
Someone has even dared to claim that by now it is instinctive.
Although using facial expressions to convey emotions may be largely instinctive, there is also a learned component.
Logical thinking and instinctive reaction are not mutually exclusive.
Laughing is not an instinctive physical response to humor, the way a flinch responds to pain or a shiver to cold.
We have identified some of the genes in the mouse that are important for both learned fear and instinctive fear.
Perhaps wolves have learned to be less trusting of humans, on an instinctive level.
Free the children from the verbal nonsense of learning so that their natural, instinctive wisdom can express itself.
Their bodies' instinctive need for nutrition drew them irresistibly to the tortoise's vitamin-rich heart and liver.
With him, indeed, the craft of the stage was instinctive.
As you know, humanity has an instinctive antagonism toward intellectual novelties.
His sympathy with poverty and suffering was instinctive and instant.
It's more an instinctive longing that won't stand dissection.
These successes in the various departments of intellectual activity were all due to an instinctive revolt against colonialism.
They are products of the same instinctive tendencies, and the same ignorances and traditions.
Maybe those guys really aren't as instinctive or as tough or hungry as some less hyped prospects.
But our collective shudder is by now practically instinctive.
There was an instinctive understanding among those moviemakers that spectacle was inimical to comedy.
There is an implicit danger in this instinctive search for historical parallels, however.
Instinctive setting up his blocks and has that second gear needed to elude in the open.
He is an instinctive short area zone coverage defender who uses his strength and hand placement to reroute tight ends.
Has an instinctive, quick thrust in his get-off and carries his pads well.
He's a fantastic, instinctive cover corner with tremendous speed.
But he had a kind of instinctive understanding of what you were doing without having any background in what you were doing.
But it cannot make those decisions that are instinctive to human drivers, such as swerving or accelerating out of danger.
His courtesy was instinctive, his thank-you notes reliably there the next day.
It is in the best interest of both the animals and humans if wildlife retain their instinctive fear of people.
The essence of our culture is you, the customer, and it is imbedded in our co-workers so that it becomes instinctive.
Running will provoke an instinctive prey response and the cougar may pursue you.
Practicing is what helps ensure you will quickly move to your safe place instead of responding to the instinctive urge to run.
Public acceptance of these concepts is normally instinctive.
It is in the best interest of both coyotes and humans if coyotes retain their instinctive fear of people.
These behaviors are believed to be recently learned feeding habits and not instinctive.
Y you shoot well with the gun, you probably have taken the discrepancy into account in your instinctive shooting style.

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