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Instead of low-growing, dark-leaved annuals for pots.
Use instead of salt in any mixture in which soy sauce's dark color adds an interesting dimension.
Instead of the ubiquitous metal bowl with last night's charred remains, imagine an artful piece crafted of metal and stone.
Instead of having soft coral-pink flowers, you can have bright rosy-red ones.
Grilled instead of deep-fried, and with a trimmed-down tartar sauce.
Plus, growing your own means you can choose from dozens of varieties instead of the few that are available in markets.
The drawers below the cooktop have cutout handles instead of pulls to let air cool the hot surface.
Use thin slices of cooked polenta instead of pasta in lasagna.
But instead of having a walled-in garden, he has fireproof masonry walls throughout the garden.
Instead of a traditional card, send a science valentine and let someone smart do it for you.
So, it has to be functional art instead of arbitrary art.
Instead of the usual red flag, a lobster claw signals that there's mail to be picked up.
But they would rather take the ladder away and throw a stone instead of offering a helping hand.
Instead of representing the landscape, however, he was drawing on the landscape itself.
Plugging the culvert allows them to swim across the road instead of climbing out and walking across.
When you buy instead of bootlegging, you're paying the band.
We need a new set of tools that recognize more variations instead of rigidly enforcing outdated dogma.
Instead of a search bar, there are friends' ticker feeds.
Let both sides seek to invoke the wonders of science instead of its terrors.
Fine thin cambric bleached on a lawn, instead of the ordinary bleaching grounds.
Instead of making the ship more lively, its tendency is quite the contrary.
Instead of that, they were busy telling over his blunders.
It has been found lying on the deep fascia instead of beneath it.
If your parents insist that you wash off mud from soccer practice, think about taking a shower instead of hopping in the tub.
Decorate with potted plants instead of cut-flower centerpieces.
The frogs' lifestyle is so thoroughly arboreal that, instead of laying eggs in water, the frogs deposit their eggs in trees.
Instead of vocalizing or using pheromones, chameleons communicate visually by changing the colors and patterns of their skin.
Recirculating toilets are filled with mineral oil instead of water.
And remember to decrease the amount of oil or forgo it completely if you used essential oils instead of whole herbs.
Instead of hollow bones filled with air, they have solid, heavy bones.
The rare animals are the result of a recessive gene that gives them striking white coats instead of the normal golden fur.
But instead of breaking down their preys' toxins, nudibranchs incorporate them into their own armories.
Work from home whenever possible instead of driving to the office.
Donate last year's clothes instead of throwing them away.
Instead of chasing whales with noisy boats, researchers and tourists drift silently.
The next time you have the impulse to buy a new book to read, borrow it from the library or a friend instead of buying a new copy.
Make sure the team describes how the damage took place, instead of focusing on the aftermath.
So they choose self-indulgence instead of self-denial and self-esteem instead of self-questioning.
In addition, as of next year, manuscripts must be submitted through a new electronic-management system instead of by e-mail.
The revolutionary new idea is that, instead of politicians choosing their voters, voters should choose their representatives.
Participants undergo intensive treatment instead of prison.
Instead of using clouds to study cosmic rays, it is using cosmic rays to study clouds.
Instead of relying mostly on selling copies, newspapers came to depend mostly on advertising.
By dealing with farmers' co-operatives instead of middlemen, the company can both pay farmers more and get raw nuts more cheaply.
For example, making people opt out instead of opting in to pension plans makes many more sign up, to their benefit.
Instead of a four-way intersection with traffic lights, a circular bit of road appeared.
Maybe he should have been a reporter instead of an actor.
Instead of a tiller, it has a computer-style joystick.
Scientists spend too much time raising cash instead of doing experiments.
These will be even more likely repaired instead of replaced.
Instead of one universal evolutionary tree, picture a three-trunk stand sharing a communal root system.
Subjects may be better off imagining how to surmount obstacles instead of ignoring them.
The researchers are virtually indistinguishable from the soldiers except that they carry rock hammers instead of guns.
But instead of making things clearer, his sharpened perspective seems to have muddied the water further.
Her brain is certainly doing better burning on ketones instead of glucose.
We can create hydrocarbons for fuel instead of constantly drawing down reserves.
Perhaps because eating causes a change in brain chemistry that instead of bringing pleasure makes anorectics feel anxious.
Instead of miscreants, fashion them material makers.
It amounted to changing copyright law by litigation instead of legislation.
Instead of being an engine of innovation, it is a vast marketing machine.
They give people a ray of possibility instead of the gloom of metaphysical necessity.
But this begs the question of why the poor are being evicted instead of having their homes modernized.
Instead of examining these complex communities from multiple points of view, they single out one group of actors as villains.
By rearranging the evidence, it is possible to arrive at a different picture, one that emphasizes continuity instead of change.
We used the rehearsal scenes instead of the second take.
Instead of figuring out ways to serve up good fresh finds, many of the new bloggers were fixated on getting found.
He collects violent protests instead of literary prizes, in fact he thrives on them.
Which would be great if it were true because then it would only take a couple of weeks out of people's lives instead of years.
Then, there's the opportunity cost of the time spent studying instead of working.
The show has a three-part structure, instead of the traditional two.
And instead of skepticism of government, he showed deference.
Instead of demanding transparency, he actively obfuscated.
He imagines that government spending, using newly printed money instead of debt, is one way this could occur.
Instead of focusing on how people interact with technology, those companies focus on features and specifications.
Yet, instead of taking advantage of this, we're too often doing the opposite.
Instead of fleeing, they are taking a stand for their right to be treated as humans in the society to which they already belong.
She wore a head scarf and a long-sleeved gown instead of a chador.
Instead of a single football game, the splintering of fifteen different games into personalized fantasy-league statistics.
Nearly two hundred qualified nominees for executive and judicial offices would be on the job instead of in limbo.
And, instead of telling him anything to make him feel better, she told him something that made him feel worse.
Instead of this key refinery or that port falling, it's this square or that compound.
Instead of a traditional registry, they have asked well-wishers to make gifts to a list of twenty-six charities.
His songs frayed at the edges instead of wrapping themselves up into neat packages.
Instead of explosions or parades or a lot of noise, it's peaceful and lovely.
Instead of making fun of everybody, he started asking himself questions.
Instead of raiding a patient's body for a vein, heart surgeons could create a new one made from human cells.
Instead of going to college, he learned masonry and construction.
Making eye contact with someone at their level, instead of always being looked down upon.
But really strong waves might end up cooking the brain's tissue instead of judiciously loosening a blood vessel wall.
Visualizing a recording this way lets you describe the music in terms of geometric shapes instead of as a bunch of frequencies.
So the sun's energy, instead of being used to evaporate water from vegetation, heats plants--and the rest of the planet.
While e-bikes don't change bad riding weather, they beat the heat and let us enjoy the outdoors instead of dealing with traffic.
Instead of growing viruses in chicken eggs, researchers inject virus strains into insect cells.
Instead of building one huge battery store in a dedicated room, many cabinet-sized battery packs are spread among the servers.
Instead of applying a voltage at the gate, one simply bends the wire.
Ground compensation detectors look for a differential signal instead of an absolute one.
And it is this deception that results in many frozen yogurt fanatics reaching for their sweats instead of skinny jeans.
Instead of grilling the scallops, you can cook them in a hot lightly oiled well-seasoned ridged grill pan, uncovered.
When making chicken salad, shred the meat instead of chopping it.
In no other country are automatic refrigerators considered a necessity instead of a luxury.
Wearing the gray t-shirt from the left side of your bedroom floor instead of the blue one from the pile by the lamp.
Artful travel books sat atop the tables in the waiting room, instead of creased magazines.
Instead of being recognized as a bold and fearless leader, he was perceived as a cerebral bully.
Instead of chucking your disposable razor after four or five shaves, why not get an old-fashioned straight razor and a strop.
Step one had been convincing people to vote for him instead of his opponent.
Scratching around in the ancient dirt of repellent prejudice instead of tackling the real issues is amateur hour.
Ask your office manager to buy re-usable mesh coffee filters instead of bleached paper ones, which may contain dioxins.
Fruit coatings containing ammonia instead of morpholine.

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