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Go for simple flowering plants instead of the double-flower varieties.
Companies cut software donations and instead make deals with colleges.
Instead of the movie a box pops up directing you to a service hotline that is obviously less than helpful.
If you've been buying sports gels to keep you going during your workout, you might want to try honey instead.
So, it has to be functional art instead of arbitrary art.
Use instead of salt in any mixture in which soy sauce's dark color adds an interesting dimension.
Sometimes amid the realignment frenzy, it is easy to focus on the chum instead of the fish.
Their oblique approach is to aim instead for a world with accessible, secure low cost energy for all.
Chipmunks hibernate, but instead of storing fat, they periodically dip into their cache of nuts and seeds throughout the winter.
Preventing future emergences may instead focus on human behavior.
But they would rather take the ladder away and throw a stone instead of offering a helping hand.
Instead of the ubiquitous metal bowl with last night's charred remains, imagine an artful piece crafted of metal and stone.
Instead the plan sets out a number of fund-raising goals.
Instead of the usual offers of hostel places, they were simply asked what they needed to change their lives.
Scramjet engines have no moving parts and instead simply suck in all the oxygen they need from the air to burn hydrogen fuel.
If too hot, though, the ink turned green instead of its normal blue.
The substance they produce is brown in color instead of white and it is especially pungent.
As a shortcut for this delicious dish you can use frozen spinach and artichoke hearts instead of fresh.
Attaining the other two changes may instead depend on proving oneself for several years within a chosen firm.
Instead they face a myriad of on-shore hurdles and debris-laden waters that hamper their efforts.
Instead of the usual red flag, a lobster claw signals that there's mail to be picked up.
To cut down on time and effort, use store-bought tortilla chips instead of making your own.
Make sure they go to an appropriate disposal facility instead of into the garbage.
These will be even more likely repaired instead of replaced.
Try eating six or seven small meals a day instead of two or three big ones.
In spring and summer, top them with fresh strawberry slices instead of the white chocolate flakes.
Such water would not be native to the moon, but instead delivered there over time by comet impacts.
One reason for a shortage of emergency care is an abundance of small clinics instead of big hospitals.
Decorate with potted plants instead of cut-flower centerpieces.
Instead of one universal evolutionary tree, picture a three-trunk stand sharing a communal root system.
Instead only bits and pieces of the skull were found, each part of an osteological puzzle that was this animal's head.
And instead of ending a meal, these napoleons have come to power as hot or cold main courses or side-dish consorts.
Instead of fixing the dose of the drugs, you fix the size of the tumor.
Donate last year's clothes instead of throwing them away.
Instead groups of neurons compete to represent a concept, until one emerges dominant.
Instead of cooking for mom, plan a day of cooking an amazing meal with her.
Instead of a smartphone, he'd rather take notes in a notebook.
Scientists spend too much time raising cash instead of doing experiments.
But, if you think that's too easy, tuck the gift certificate into a gift box instead of a holiday card.
Instead of vocalizing or using pheromones, chameleons communicate visually by changing the colors and patterns of their skin.
The latest research is instead based on the plume's electrical conductivity.
Otherwise, drive long eyehooks into the studs instead.
Instead of having a traditional bridal shower, she wanted to spend the day serving our community.
For example, they could pledge to take the bus or bike to work instead of driving.
Instead of having docile eyes, he would look at the keepers and stare them down.
In this garden, a stone is used instead of an urn to create a recirculating fountain.
If you're cooking something small, bake it in the toaster oven instead of heating up the big oven.
Use the recirculate option instead of constantly cooling hot air from outdoors.
It is appropriate, however, to omit random words in a cover letter and leave a fill-in-the-blank instead.
Tourism is regulated so that it encourages the culture instead of threatening it.
Feel free to use boysenberries, pitted cherries, or other favorites instead of the combination of fruits here.
Perhaps an examination of the financial aid process is needed instead.
In short, she is crafting solutions instead of describing the problems.
But instead of breaking down their preys' toxins, nudibranchs incorporate them into their own armories.
Some day soon, videos may be playing on paper instead of screens.
But instead of building that opportunity within existing public.
Instead they moved it to a larger venue after publicity over the row sparked big demand to see it.
Instead of presents, guests should bring local plants to contribute to the garden.
The definition was intended to bring closure to a long-standing debate but instead seems to have poured fuel on the fire.
The energy that would typically be used for growth is instead expended on reproduction at a younger age.
Her zealous pursuit of counterfeit medicines nearly earned her a bullet in the head, leaving instead a hole in her headdress.
Don't run the faucet when brushing your teeth-use a cup of water instead.
Instead of a balanced, uniform wreath, create a scene in one section.
He did not go to college, choosing freelance photography while working at a radio station instead.
Instead of pointing cameras at actor, they put the cameras directly on the performers.
Instead they need a combination of lower real wages, lower input prices and higher productivity.
Sweep driveways and patios clean instead of hosing them down.
Make sure the team describes how the damage took place, instead of focusing on the aftermath.
Instead of miscreants, fashion them material makers.
Instead of throwing out food scraps, add them to your compost heap.
Sea stars are purely marine animals, even using sea water instead of blood to pump nutrients throughout their bodies.
The drawers below the cooktop have cutout handles instead of pulls to let air cool the hot surface.
Instead of throwing away the shoes you've outgrown, use them as pots for plants.
Skip the needle and thread and instead use stamps to make easy monogrammed handkerchiefs.
Grilled instead of deep-fried, and with a trimmed-down tartar sauce.
Try this tasty salad instead of grilled corn on the cob.
Instead of using a cooked tomato sauce base, you barely heat diced fresh tomatoes with the seasonings.
Instead, you can store one or two hoses in this handsome bench.
But you could make the screen larger or smaller, depending on your situation, and the frame could be wood instead of steel.
Instead, he ordered a police probe and created a permanent anti-corruption unit.
Instead, financiers grew rich even as their industry put everyone's prosperity in danger.
Nor does the idea of throwing away the tank and plugging your car into an electric socket instead.
They should instead commend its impressive stability.
Instead of the paperless office promised by futurists, offices and homes seemed to be drowning in more paper than ever.
If a pizza is cut into eight instead of four slices, there is no more food to eat.
So they have developed the short-term market instead.
Instead of laboriously punching out chads, voters simply touched a screen.
Which is why less elegant but far cheaper balloons are now being used instead.
Instead, the team were forced to search for bears by helicopter and tranquillise each one they found with a dart.
Some worry about curbs on investment and innovation, as private-equity groups instead seek short-term profits.
Instead, he is expected to form a minority government, seeking parliamentary support from left or right as the occasion demands.
It should let the private sector do that instead, and focus its own efforts on more distant and difficult tasks.
It would be much better if they tried instead to provide the entrepreneurs with a proper legal framework.
And for now, instead of charging students a fee for the textbooks, the universities are covering the costs.
Instead it's better to turn questions into the kinds of questions that can be answered with evidence rather than opinion.
Perhaps they'll choose to solve the world's problems instead of exacerbating them.
Let's bracket the truth of those contentions and instead examine the rhetorical impact of them.
Pressure is mounting to consider instead a broad spectrum of attributes.
The reader is able then to see immediately the footnote and gain that info quickly instead of having to turn back in pages.
Instead, insurance companies will be required to provide the coverage free of charge.
Colleges would cut money from areas that are less critical and apply it to these efforts instead.
Instead, student volunteers who are good at math now offer their peers remedial coaching.
He decided to focus instead on studying cancer and discovering new ways to improve patients' quality of life.
It has been found lying on the deep fascia instead of beneath it.
Let both sides seek to invoke the wonders of science instead of its terrors.
These saccules are of equal size, and the appendix arises from between them, instead of from the apex of a cone.
Instead of an isolated beggar, the farthest star felt him, and he felt the star.
They may have to settle for a family pasta dinner, instead.
Maybe he should have been a reporter instead of an actor.
She began avoiding stairs and taking taxis instead of walking the eight blocks to work.
Instead, take time to prepare and rehearse before confronting a potentially difficult conversation.
Using nanotechnology instead of microscopic technology greatly increases speed and accuracy.
They also believe that the media does not report the country's problems, but instead is a part of them.
Instead of being good at self-control, they were suddenly extremely sensitive to hunger and desire.
Buy a canvas and cardboard binders instead of plastic.
But instead of hailing the find as possible evidence of the monster's existence, scientists now think it a hoax.
Unlike cats, bears aren't typically territorial, roaming instead over vast areas that would be impossible to patrol for intruders.
Instead, he's solving global health issues-with a cell phone.
Wood frogs instead seek cover under leaves near the surface, where they actually freeze and thaw with their surroundings.
Instead they are caused by a complex combination of linked genetic variations at multiple sites on different chromosomes.
But the toads began snapping up other bugs instead and quickly started competing with and beating out native insect-eaters.
These studies blamed the extinctions on climate change-including the last ice age-instead.
Much of the romance and color of travel doesn't happen in broad daylight but instead after the sun goes down.
Others fear marriage in a larger sense, and opt to live together instead of tying the knot at all.
Instead, an obvious strategy would be to go after tax loopholes.
Instead, everything is contingent upon everything else.
Instead of wearing thin they wear thick, and in their stratification have no small geological significance.
Historians record that humans had to learn to look at the landscape, instead of trying to focus on the foreground.
Instead, they demanded large tax cuts that would grow the economy.
If non-Indians stop writing about us they'll have to publish us instead.
Instead, it was overhauled and is scheduled to resume service early this year.
Instead, his campaign has become a spectacular series of blunders.
Now, instead of engineers inspecting a bridge, the bridge inspects itself and reports continuously to engineers.
Instead, they talked about a change in the texture of the floor.
Instead, the rule focuses on the intent of the investment rather than its risk characteristics.
Instead of representing the landscape, however, he was drawing on the landscape itself.
The time spent at airports instead of at home with family.
Instead, they produce powerful aromas to attract our attention from several inches underground.
Instead, he used an approach known as ring vaccination.
What she found instead was evidence of heme in the bones-additional support for the idea that they were red blood cells.
Though why it has to be in a hamster ball instead of a wheeled vehicle is inexplicable.
When the dry amber began to crumble, the officials instead tried hiding the room behind thin wallpaper.
He gradually turned instead to the world of art and architecture.
There was, instead, the beginning of a kind of willed forgetfulness of the horror of those years.
In blind people, parts of the brain that normally process sight are instead devoted to hearing.
Instead, she'll keep trying to find out why some species went extinct in the first place.
They will be light weight and equipped with pockets for food capsules, which she will eat instead of meat and potatoes.
Instead of living and sulking about the past, create a better future for themselves and their children.
When the robot is looking at you instead of through you.
He expected odious solitary scavengers but instead found sophisticated hunters living in complex clans.
It is instead a memoir of thinly veiled or nonexistent people wandering through a desolate and unreal landscape.
Instead, provide services that make piracy unattractive.
But instead, why not take a look at other teams who have a similar move.
Instead, too many lawmakers walked away from the truth.
We started living on credit, instead of building up savings.
Subjects may be better off imagining how to surmount obstacles instead of ignoring them.
Her brain is certainly doing better burning on ketones instead of glucose.
Instead their natural fruit aromas more specifically define their taste.
So instead of hitting a red light you'll annoy all the drivers behind you by slowing down to avoid it.
And all the people who were lined up behind you can get the red light instead.
Instead of raining out the storm it might cause intensification due to increased temperature gradient.
When they were given a sick instead, the birds chose to use that to the same end.
Instead fill your living space with things that will make you more likely, not less likely, to actually move.
Instead, patients with this type of dizziness generally feel as though they are floating or as though they may faint.
Instead, their environment provides everything necessary to keep them fresh.
Instead, the bivalves showed the tropics to be both cradle and museum, where new life emerges and old life remains.
Instead, they created eight different covers, featuring the different cookies.
Instead, its oddly resilient texture resists melting even while it so delectably does.
Instead of raiding a patient's body for a vein, heart surgeons could create a new one made from human cells.
Their approach instead was radically straightforward-they changed the moms' diet.
Instead, she asked me if she could try taking cinnamon.
So the sun's energy, instead of being used to evaporate water from vegetation, heats plants--and the rest of the planet.
Instead it evolved gradually, beginning with our earliest hominid and even our primate ancestors.
Instead of dull brown, they were a ghostly gray verging on green and flecked with gold.
Instead, they're the product of digital-age sharing.
Instead, each boxy character represents a word or part of one.
They are looking instead to private industry and other commercial activities to enhance their funding.
Her intensity puts people at ease instead of putting them off.
Instead of making people feel a rubber hand was part of their body, she wanted to swap entire bodies.
Axons that are supposed to grow into the muscle on the eye's inner edge may end up on the outer edge instead.
Instead, it is coming dangerously close to abandoning the search for other worlds.
Instead, she decided to seek out a simpler form of the disease, one regulated by a single gene.
Instead of crashing down the stairs, for instance, the robot would recalculate to find the door.
Instead, the deduction simply inflates house prices.
Instead of a single football game, the splintering of fifteen different games into personalized fantasy-league statistics.
Instead, they are demanding that the players give back some of their income, and are offering little in exchange.
Check books out of the library instead of buying them.
Instead, she tries to be adorable, to charm the audience.
He never renounced his evolutionary theory, but instead made it the cornerstone of a theistic explanation of the universe.
They refer instead to their neighborhoods, and to the nearest subway lines.
Yet, instead of taking advantage of this, we're too often doing the opposite.
But when he turned fifty, he discovered swimming instead.
These strategies can magnify trends instead of countering them.
Instead, he has indulged his curiosities and whims, tending to a variety of smaller audiences.
Now, instead of leaving him, she begins to vanish in plain sight.
Instead, it's a comprehensive experiential mode that lets you perceive and do things firsthand.
Instead, the four friends found themselves identifying with the four television characters.
There was, instead, a relentless concentration on the adulterous triangle.
Instead, they float free, and all the details seem wrong.
Instead, there was one other on hand, along with three or four college students.
Instead, investors spent the week dumping stocks as fast as they could.
Instead of walking to school, parents have to put their children on a bus to an unknown part of town.
Instead, take the time for a short rest, a garden walk or a breather outside.
Instead of four weddings and a funeral, this is one wedding and a stalking.
Instead of the steamy embrace economy watchers have been awaiting, the data offered a mere encouraging peck on the cheek.
Fruit coatings containing ammonia instead of morpholine.
Another option would be to use recycled newspapers and cardboard instead of timber or hemp.
He knew in that moment that he preferred to look at the audience instead of the stage.
It's wild because you're also watching this artist at work, but instead of a canvas he has a wall of monitors.
Instead of blocking attacks, a startup distracts attackers with false information.
Instead, they are a highly efficient solutions to the problem of searching and transporting food.
Instead, it will to focus on higher value products, such as moisturizers for cosmetics.
Instead, air from the outside flows over foam pads moistened by water sprays to cool by evaporation.
Now researchers have demonstrated that the same kind of images and cloaking devices could be made with sound instead of light.
Instead, such patients could be aided by an artificial but biosynthetic implant.
Instead, the new doughnut-shaped silicon detectors rely on measuring light frequency.
Instead of applying a voltage at the gate, one simply bends the wire.
They believe their design works by a different mechanism--instead of diverting the phonons, it slows them down considerably.
Instead, these events are unavoidable properties of the system itself.
Instead, a medical doctor has come along to tell us that our touchscreens are hurting us.
Instead, it works using capillary action to filter blood and pump serum through its various chambers.
For the horsepower needed for acceleration or high speeds, the bus will instead rely on advanced battery technology.
Second, each musician is directly connected with the other musicians in a jam session, instead of being routed through a server.
Instead, the mutual goal in the latest round of talks is to avoid being blamed for their failure.
The technology is going to cure diseases instead of merely treating them.
Instead, drug companies are doing more of what got them into this situation.
Thus, instead of developing a drug to treat an abnormality, an abnormality was postulated to fit a drug.
But instead of communicating with the other you are now glued to him.
As presented in the exhibition, he comes across instead as an inspired poet.
But now they will have four million dependents to support, instead of three million.
Instead, it collapsed, as if a house had fallen in on itself.
Instead he delivers vituperative attacks on those who, in defending themselves, expose him.
Instead of correcting policy in the light of the record, the light itself is being shut down.
Instead of examining these complex communities from multiple points of view, they single out one group of actors as villains.
By rearranging the evidence, it is possible to arrive at a different picture, one that emphasizes continuity instead of change.
Instead, she and her collaborator came up with an inspired organizational conceit.
Instead of promoting drugs to treat diseases, they have begun to promote diseases to fit their drugs.
They fail to brush their teeth, or start wearing sweatpants instead of fitted clothes.

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