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Check in at our favorite weekend hotels and you're instantly on vacation.
Picking an eye-grabbing fabric for the upholstery instantly updated the piece.
Secondhand furniture that's seen better days can be instantly revived with a coat of bright paint.
It started instantly for me, and its one-touch blade-height adjustment was remarkably easy to use.
Furthermore, none of these three terms can be altered without the equality being instantly destroyed.
The sacred lance instantly punished his frailty, spontaneously falling upon him, and inflicting a deep wound.
He made a sign, and instantly four-and-twenty soldiers drew up round the new-comers.
And she instantly laid it aside and got another, though she would not have a new one.
His book instantly became popular, and it so remained, as twenty-three editions and translations bear witness.
Remove saucepan from fire, and place in larger pan of cold water to instantly stop boiling.
He instantly obeyed, and lived afterwards in a neighbouring monastery.
It instantly deserts possession, and flies to an object in the horizon.
Savers want access to their money instantly, if necessary.
In a globalised economy money moves instantly and anonymously across borders.
Removing the battery and putting the bits in a fridge or other metal container disables any bug, but instantly arouses suspicion.
The software problem is that many different types of brain waves have to be interpreted simultaneously and instantly.
The new approach worked so well that it instantly became the standard for monitoring other precarious elections.
Too many chief executives are instantly forgettable.
Each of these actions might again be communicated instantly to the news feeds of their clique.
BA has plenty of cash on hand and the support of the only employees who can instantly bring an airline to its knees, the pilots.
She instantly became a target for the town's military commanders.
Liquidity instantly drained from securities firms as clients abandoned anything with a whiff of risk.
Even if a new element does form, it often disintegrates almost instantly.
If the results are needed, they are then available instantly.
His skilful turn of phrase instantly draws the scene.
Someone in a shopping mall, for example, might hold up his hand and see a map appear instantly at his fingertips.
The pod would inflate, surround him instantly and bear him gently to the ground.
As soon as requirements change, programmers will instantly change course.
People can post text, photos, web feeds and other things into a wave and exchange comments with one another instantly.
In previous recessions, many of the casualties were manual workers who could be fired instantly.
But they cannot do this instantly, without throwing old people out of familiar surroundings.
Our shiny new devices deliver the written word to us anywhere, instantly.
The energy crushed the capsule instantly, causing it to spew a shower of neutrons.
They can also be wiped out instantly by volcanic eruptions along the fault lines.
Even if you're not the one playing, the constant barrage of oddball antics are instantly inviting and attention grabbing.
The films are indelible, the surname is adjectival, and the silhouette of the portly profile is instantly recognizable.
The arrest instantly became a new focal point in the long-running debate about how to restructure scholarly publishing.
There is no reason to treat them well because they can be instantly replaced.
My ambition to pursue a presidency instantly evaporated.
Almost instantly, students figured out that they could record lectures on their iPods and listen at their leisure.
For my money dresses are chic, super comfortable, and instantly dress you up.
Some aspect may be clarified instantly instead of finding its way into the report as a slight uncertainty or speculative doubt.
It was an act toward a stranger that put us instantly on equal footing in a shared moment of vulnerability.
If he is unhappy with anything, he complaints instantly and loudly.
The easiest to involve someone is when they are weak and vulnerable they instantly become a potential recruit.
The ones not on their cell phones will instantly plug into their iPod.
Everyone instantly stopped talking, wanting to know what a robe-on was.
And can be instantly reloaded with another magazine.
Almost instantly it was pirated, bootlegged, copied and released by competing studios under different names.
With a few spare shapes, he conveys an instantly recognizable image.
They have to be eaten instantly, while they're still hot, otherwise they go limp and soggy.
Some tongues have disappeared instantly, with small, vulnerable communities wiped out by natural disasters.
Another theory is that the dinosaur was in a cave or burrow and covered instantly in a thick ashfall.
Creeping close before a final rush, he instantly kills the calf with one snap of his powerful jaws.
Heavy, brittle walls of traditional adobe-cheap, sun-dried brick-cracked instantly when the ground started bucking.
Basil, a dashing and charismatic figure who'd been groomed to succeed their father as president, died instantly in the crash.
Sailfish can change their colors almost instantly, since the change is controlled by their nervous system.
On his first attempt, he drifts back into the wave but misses the high spot and is ejected instantly.
The incredibly toxic venom of the geographic cone snail has to be strong enough to paralyze instantly.
Newcomers need to be protected from the adults because chimpanzees will not instantly accept a stranger into their group.
In my world of emails and text messages, it is easy to forget a time in which words did not instantly appear on a screen.
Boarders that appreciate the perfect turn will develop an affection for this board instantly.
He pushes more buttons, and a different size drill instantly reports for duty.
Better insulation standards for buildings can be had instantly.
They can write a message on it and instantly send it as email from the site.
Riders that appreciate the perfect turn will take a liking to this snowboard instantly.
The beauty of this race is that there's so much that can instantly change.
The driver rolls down the window and presses a red button that instantly spews out a parking ticket.
On the other hand, computers are stumped by faces, which people recognize instantly.
Lasers can greatly diminish some scars by instantly vaporizing the outer layers of skin.
Without gravitational wave radiation, the torus would either explode or be swallowed instantly.
Then it instantly chooses one of the two contradictory positions.
The system could make it possible to identify food contamination virtually instantly.
Walking into a situation where one instantly knows one lacks credibility is not easy.
All, however, were instantly recognizable as artificial creations.
When the electric current is turned on, the rigor and tremors of this movement disorder disappear instantly.
Cast your view back to a distant wall, and instantly the afterimage appears beach-ball-sized.
Babies can also recognize the sound of their mothers voice almost instantly as they experienced it within the womb as well.
The danger is that the hot melted fuel would fall into water, instantly vaporizing it and causing a steam explosion.
Spells occur instantly while sedate, sleeping or walking.
Yet the statement was instantly and fluently comprehensible.
Green jobs are created and coal plants are made green instantly.
Heat wok over high heat until a drop of water evaporates instantly.
No toppings, except that delicious, freaky cherry dip that hardens instantly.
Heat wok over high heat until a bead of water vaporizes instantly.
Heat wok over high heat until a drop of water vaporizes instantly.
Once seated, you will be waited on and served instantly.
Old poets, and some new, flared brightly for a time in instantly published anthologies or on ever more muscular blogs.
If only there were a policy solution that would instantly eliminate the profits of those cartels.
Already pounded by mortars, the floundering line is instantly swept by crossing machine-gun fires from both ends of the beach.
Allergy sufferers may be able to instantly detect which pesky pollens are in the air and respond accordingly.
The e-Ink tech allows images and text that matches the clarity of printed paper pages to morph nearly instantly.
With his sleek, bulletlike head tucked into his powerful shoulders, he is instantly recognizable.
Open the lid and the computer powers up almost instantly.
It has been doing pretty well extending its library of movies that customers can watch instantly, but it still has work to do.
In doing so, he transformed himself into the irrepressible derby-crowned dandy instantly recognizable today.
New events and experiences were effaced almost instantly.
Any experience or idea that comes to him is instantly down on paper and in the mail.
His aesthetic is clean and instantly readable-broad social cartooning rendered with the graphic bang of an indie concert poster.
The substance of the story is their relationship, which is instantly recognizable to anyone who's ever been in one.
He seems to have sensors attached to his limbs and his head, and he reacts instantly to threats.
They treat their errors as jokes and forgive themselves instantly, instead of waiting to be forgiven by their teammates.
They function reliably until a critical component fails, and the whole thing dies instantly.
The earthquake and tsunami were instantly and extensively captured through lenses.
They are also a marketing gimmick that renders an otherwise indistinguishable product instantly recognizable.
And there it is: a one-second shot of hamburgers, instantly grilled by the blast of rocket flare.
My ears, my mouth, my heart and mind all instantly opened.
The warm blood instantly sent strength coursing through his body.
It instantly dehydrates and kills bacteria, and about doubles healing speed while suppressing scarring.
Field agents could instantly share data seized in a raid with experts anywhere in the world.
The idea that they can be charged almost instantly fits right in with the driver mindset of needing to periodically refill anyway.
And if the server has new info for the client, it must wait until the client requests it rather than sending it over instantly.
Depending on how it's processed, silk can be made to break down inside the body almost instantly or to persist for years.
Visually, one can see instantly where you are in your code development cycle.
The photos can be instantly sent to a cloud server for processing.
Moreover, that little thing seemed to take off almost instantly.
The first time you swap out at one of these stations you instantly cut down your vehicles range per charge.
His idea: a blade of water that slices through the bomb instantly and precisely.
And it's instantly accessible by any computer you happen to be using with a web browser-However.
Adding a small amount of vanadium to steel instantly boosts the strength of the metal, its toughness and its resistance to heat.
Instantly, these people have the same relationship to you as an old and valued friend.
He's able to access any joke instantly and brilliantly.
It instantly prompted images of a vicious landlord and victimized tenants.
We were immunized instantly to a dependency that could have become our defining failure.
She's instantly likable, talking a mile a minute with an enthusiasm that's sometimes dizzying.
One plus is you'll know instantly what they're thinking.
She was also blonde and thin and striking, and both seemed instantly smitten with each other.
He must have lost consciousness instantly and have died soon after hitting the ground.
One is instantly struck by her perfect posture and dancer's walk.
Watches and houses and cars didn't come incrementally by pinching pennies: they came instantly from risk taking.
The experience of it may pop into your head instantly.
But the information content of his body would instantly appear somewhere else.
Pressure on the accelerator instantly and seamlessly brings the engine back to life.
The second trick is to build a magnetic trap to help contain the particles so that they don't instantly decay.
If you alter a little bit of a well-known piece of music, people pick it up instantly.
The result is a cosmology book that instantly deflates the pretentiousness that often seems innate to the topic.
It is a powerful, instantly recognizable symbol--its only drawback being that it is utterly wrong.
Ask the question and instantly answer it in the negative.
The truck cut back sharply to the right almost instantly, scraping its undercarriage along the edge of the concrete.
Test-2 has the benefit of capitalizing on a pre-existing understanding that makes it easy to instantly absorb the task at hand.
Every time one story abruptly ended, another instantly started-on a loop.
Mapplethorpe appears to have almost instantly found his calling.
Whatever groove you get into dancing to it, it ends almost instantly.
All the guests who had been waltzing under the vast chandeliers instantly stopped dancing.
Register to receive emergency alerts instantly on your cell phone.
Combined ten-day trip permits can now be purchased quickly and securely and printed instantly online.
The online testing process will instantly give results for the online examination.
The impact flung the patrolman to the ground, killed him almost instantly.
Ordinarily, those figures would be a source of joy to new parents, instantly memorized and endlessly repeated.
Instantly he executed a neck swivel in their direction.
Advertise in print and online and sell your property instantly.
Almost instantly, their hot-tempered cackling slides into sweet four-part harmony.
Advertise in print and online and rent your property instantly.
Sometimes when they make bad calls, they regret them instantly.

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