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Forty years ago, instantaneous global communication was possible but costly, and restricted to governments and large corporations.
And the full benefits of a cheaper currency have not been instantaneous.
Her recovery from respiratory failure is nearly instantaneous.
Some scenarios imagine the almost instantaneous failure of the systems that keep the modern world turning.
He needed to find a way to make instantaneous color photographs underwater.
But exactly how plants manage this nearly instantaneous trick has remained elusive.
They made a distinctly odd couple, but their attraction was mutual and instantaneous.
Traffic information can be instantaneous and perfectly accurate.
It would seem that instantaneous gravitational interaction would severely limit multiple universe ideas, foam, etc.
The means of travel are numerous and the communication is instantaneous.
Law enforcement authorities said that her end was indeed instantaneous.
They would rather make wild promises to gain instantaneous popularity than make obtainable promises.
Then wireless and now satellite make communication instantaneous.
With digital, they would be nearly instantaneous and come at almost no cost, once the onetime hardware expenses were recovered.
The story is too, too familiar for instantaneous doubt.
It is that instantaneous increment of time between the past and the future.
Now, they are launching a new tool that will provide instantaneous solar price estimates, the first online tool to do so.
Gravitation occurs outside of space and time, therefore, the information imparted by gravity must be instantaneous.
Punch the gas and power is instantaneous and dramatic, with not even a hint of turbo lag.
Again, instantaneous communication means there is no actual need for it whatsoever.
The thought-to-action process is not instantaneous though.
Even if you usually have a connection, having the files actually on your device makes searches almost instantaneous.
Batteries are a temporary source of energy and power, with the instantaneous ability to meet load and do work.
The engine allows every picture on a monitor to be drawn there quickly enough to convince hand and eye that it is instantaneous.
Now, this is the case for a skill that requires instantaneous response of the body.
Real time intelligence relied on instantaneous information, something a lot of space craft cannot do.
Because the nearly instantaneous cooling of the hot liquid preserves aromatic integrity-and aroma is the gateway to taste.
To see these tests is to witness one of those instantaneous understandings between actress and part.
Then each business can make instantaneous credit checks and offer its customers the convenience of universal credit cards.
The effect of the green light was powerful and nearly instantaneous.
Whatever the threshold, the response would be instantaneous.
And the blogosphere has made instant, graphic gossip even more instantaneous and graphic.
On the other hand, for instantaneous delivery, nothing beats streaming video.
He was having trouble with that instantaneous, unreflected recall required by the pasta station.
Of the patients thirty-three per cent claimed instantaneous healing, fifty per cent.
He knew it was so, with an unaccountable but instantaneous certainty.
The key distinctive feature of electric drive is the instantaneous response of the motor.
The reform period spanned several years, and reforms seldom produce instantaneous effects.
Pattern recognition based on an instantaneous appraisal of the patient will become the norm.
In big cities, typewriter terminals could provide instantaneous responses.
Compared with that near-instantaneous wonder, the time and effort of painting suddenly seemed intolerable.
With no factories to build, the economic benefit is instantaneous.
The almost instantaneous opportunity to interact with family and business partners in distant countries confers mutual support.
The adjustment process is not instantaneous and can be painful.
Well, the jump is essentially an instantaneous impulse.
Light is a chemical reaction which would occur at a slightly slower speed but nevertheless, almost instantaneous.
Now programmers are well on their way to creating programs for the instantaneous computer translation of foreign languages.
Changes are not instantaneous, and it may take a while for things to thaw.
Power, measured in megawatts is by definition an instantaneous unit.
So it would require a redesign of the operating system to coordinate this instantaneous waking and sleeping.
If there was no measure of time at this period, it would have been instantaneous, which obviously makes no sense.
Its operation must prove as instantaneous as it would be irresistible.
Fascinating fiction and a wholly believable premise for instantaneous travel.
Most people's instantaneous reaction to the above scenario is two simple words.
When the tourniquet is released, the effects of the heroin are almost instantaneous.
The power is instantaneous, the handling is precise and the emotional and visceral response is off the charts.
The challenge is to be able to provide near-instantaneous coverage, all over the world, while providing context.
But on an app this entire process is instantaneous and all future shuffling, sorting, and tracking of points is done instantly.
It's a teleportation device which will surely terrify the travel industry with its promise of free, instantaneous transportation.
There is no easy, instantaneous way to do this, but their plan worked.

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