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Example sentences for instant replay

It has already taken a step in that direction by authorising instant replay on contested home run calls.
Unlike sports fans dissecting a pivotal football play, scientists studying evolution don't have the luxury of instant replay.
Here's why it's time for instant replay in major league baseball.
In the slow-mo instant replay, the flies' bodies react to a swatter well before their wings carry them to safety.
With the exception of questionable home runs, there is no instant replay in baseball.
As the crowd booed the officials upstairs reviewed the dance on instant replay.
The buttons allow instant replay: the speeches, the spectacle, the grand finale.
The opening sequence is a real challenge for viewers who expect every plot point to come with color commentary and instant replay.
For one thing, something as glaringly new as instant replay for home runs cannot be ignored.
Scoring is far simpler and coaches can challenge up to four calls a match using instant replay.
When it comes to instant replay and baseball, there are generally two extremes.
After a season of almost nationwide use, it's too early to say if instant replay is here to stay in college football.
Tennis is moving closer to using instant replay, though when or where the tournament debut might come isn't clear.
College football gets uniform instant replay system.
Yes, instant replay slows down the game in other sports.
In football, referees often use the instant replay to ensure they made the right call.
In football, referees can use instant replay to ensure they made the right call.
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