instant messaging in a sentence

Example sentences for instant messaging

First he pioneered antivirus software, then instant messaging.
Reflection, in a time of instant messaging, seems as quaint as the quill pen and the flickering of candles.
Make yourself available to students as much as possible via cellphone, e-mail, or even instant messaging.
It's the practice of intimate, full-time communication via phone and instant messaging.
Incorporate instant messaging into your office hours.
And investigators say that they are unable to monitor instant messaging.
Both websites are big in web-mail, instant messaging and display advertising.
It is true that the combined firm would dominate the markets for instant messaging and web-based e-mail, but neither is lucrative.
Instant messaging is a fast, easy way to keep in touch.
Detectives posed online in chat rooms and instant messaging programs as children, parents or guardians.
The nineties were preoccupied with communication speed-the era of instant messaging.
One area that technology has obviously changed is personal communication, through e-mail and instant messaging.
For sure, they won't stop flocking to the malls or instant messaging any time soon.
He's also working on adding new features such as instant messaging between members.
Business has discovered instant messaging in a big way.
Here's what you get when you marry online dating and instant messaging.
Email, the web and instant messaging are all important methods of communicating and exchanging vital business information.
But providers of instant messaging have not been able to turn their millions into profits.
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