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He glared at her a moment through the dusk, and the next instant she felt his arms about her, and his lips on her own lips.
Instant messaging services, which are in essence directories for keeping track of who is online at any moment, are even larger.
And investigators say that they are unable to monitor instant messaging.
Their visibility and prestige can give them instant friends and enemies on campus, either of which can provide distractions.
One supercharged province cranks out instant cities for factory workers.
It contains boxes of macaroni, cornmeal, instant chocolate-flavored drink mix and nonfat dried milk.
So, don't fire off an application the instant you read the ad.
But every local can answer that question in an instant.
We've all heard scantily clad spokespeople make bogus claims about instant weight-loss supplements on late-night television.
White lights are instant magic, strung overhead or threaded into baskets.
Linguists fear that instant messaging and e-mail are responsible for language's deterioration.
My instant reaction to his presence concerned the safety of the other students in the room.
While some may carp, none has been able to match its instant global brand recognition.
It is great for making instant ice cream and perfectly cooked hamburgers.
The animal detected me and in an instant turned tail and sprinted into the woods.
If this doesn't exist in history, write such an article: instant fame in the discipline, and an extremely widely read article.
The brain identifies patterns, proportions and relationships to make instant subliminal comparisons.
The tags, available from garden stores, turn fruits with stems into instant place-setters.
In the same instant came the shrill trumpets of elephants angered by the hyena cries.
So, if no miracle is possible, every billionth of billionth of instant must depend from the previous fraction of instant.
Everything was eaten the instant it left the stove in the few precious moments before grime covered it.
Selecting a warm toned hue adds instant sunlight to any space.
The application lets professors set up instant polls in various formats.
Her reaction to such sights is often to murmur a curse and fetch a cup of instant coffee.
In an instant he drew his dive knife and prepared to defend himself, but the big squid had fled.
Also, putting one's academic qualifications after one's name is an instant turn-off.
To create your own instant workspace anywhere, put a flat birch hollow-core door atop two adjustable sawhorses.
Plus: time-savers for travelers, payoffs for procrastinators, and the fine art of the instant escape.
At some points, dinner has consisted of instant coffee and crackers, highlighted by a trip to a nearby diner for grilled goat.
For instant makeovers, she stocks quick-change accessories, from lampshades and ottomans to pillows and pottery.
Anything less will be exposed as inadequate the instant it is put to the test.
It was an instant success and remained a bestseller for years.
There is an instant disconnect in the communication because one is doing something unnatural.
The instant you tap that microphone, it starts to record.
Then there could be instant communication, data and telemetry, even across light-years.
Set a pitcher of it on your table for instant color.
Meanwhile, suppliers demand instant payment from companies with weak balance-sheets and equity investors downgrade the shares.
And drizzle honey over creamy ricotta cheese for a practically instant dessert.
Inexpensive pegboard and paint become instant artwork when paired with a collection of tools.
The store even rewards you with an instant discount on a new purchase or a gift card.
Then again, sometimes it pays to give in to instant gratification.
Notice all the instant physicist and biologists that have suddenly sprouted.
They usually install one-gallon plants for the instant effect, he says.
Compared with its geologic history, the diamond's history as an object of human desire has lasted barely an instant.
In its place, radio communications would provide instant, long-distance wireless communication.
For bread baking, get an instant read thermometer and use it to get the temp of the liquids.
It will make each cake unique and turn the lot into instant decorations for a party.
Cover barbecue and monitor temperature by inserting a long-stemmed instant-read thermometer through lid vent.
He advises checking with an accurate instant-read thermometer.
Unfortunately, results are inconsistent with instant chocolate pudding mixes.
No peace lies in the future which is not hidden in this present little instant.
And, though he won instant acceptance, he defied imitation.
The rebel captain then shot him-but at the same instant he shot the captain.
To understand and criticise intelligently so vast a work, one must not forget an instant the drift of things in the later sixties.
Several types of bar-code readers make instant sense of these high-tech graffiti.
The instant it was released, the aeroplane shot forward with constantly accelerating velocity.
The instant variety could best be described as an intense experience of joy.
Then, in an instant, the leader rushed up his tree screaming.
Electric motors have instant torque vs combustion engines which take time to rev up.
Until recently, seismologists were unsure that an earthquake could sustain such high speeds for more than a brief instant.
The ones that do, don't offer instant start and cold temp ability.
They're texting, instant-messaging, talking on their cellphones.
Yes, but only in the sense that images capture an instant of a continuing narrative.
Reflection, in a time of instant messaging, seems as quaint as the quill pen and the flickering of candles.
The blog travels the globe in an instant with one tweet.
It combines instant gratification and disposability.
Continuous speech is more or less possible without the overhead and commitment of a chat room or an instant-message session.
Short stories, by contrast, rely on instant attraction and immediate gratification.
Some ingredients were benign, such as citric acid and instant coffee.
Social networking sites are an extremely fast and effective way to get messages and warnings to the public in almost an instant.
Our arms must be mighty, ready for instant action, so that no potential aggressor may be tempted to risk his own destruction.
The problem is that online consumers have come to expect instant access to everything that catches the eye.
It is the spontaneous expression of instant thought-impermanent beyond even the ephemera of daily journalism.
Correct e-mail required for instant confirmation of your subscription.
But the instant the candidate declares, anything goes.
Then you follow the instructions about how to post your thoughts, photos and clippings, making you an instant publisher.
Instant communication makes it a little too easy to grab a piece of that attention.
Happiness today has been reduced to instant gratification.
When they decided to yank mine out, they needed an instant replacement.
Thus climbing plants had evolved over time-they had not all been created in an instant, by divine fiat.
The first of these, from admittedly limited samplings, is that the program provoked instant partisanship.
After that instant at the dinner table he was never not dead.
The satisfaction of throwing off this weight, and doing it by and large peacefully, was instant and profound.
Two stealth ingredients make this dessert different: unsweetened coconut milk and instant espresso powder.
We ordered a couple of our own and became instant converts.
We are moving from a society desirous of instant gratification to a society of instant anticipation.
They theorize that the cosmos was never compacted into a single point and did not spring forth in a violent instant.
Even so, they fomented an instant scientific revolution.
The universe at any given instant simply consists of many different objects in many different positions.
For that instant, her head and torso can actually move horizontally.
He is active on the lecture circuit, writes regularly, and has instant access to a wide array of top-tier policymakers.
The evaluation is also instant and can be taken as a feedback for the growth of students.
People want instant response from their applications.
The advantage, though, is that the drug is delivered only at the spot where it is required at the instant it is needed.
Ordinarily chemists can't mix together their reactants until the instant they're ready for the reaction to proceed.
My cell phone will be fully charged the instant the power jack makes contact with it.
There is not much point to a robot with a knife that stops cutting the instant it touches something.
So the best connected nodes at one instant may not be the best connected at another.
Your computer might, for instance, see that you're busy and block instant-message interruptions.
In this scenario, the entire history of humankind to date is a mere instant compared with the eons that still lie before us.
These instant expert in logic did not know that all logically inconsistent theories are complete, in fact over complete.
Since the work the interface does is invisible, part of me believes it should be instant.
And the blogosphere has made instant, graphic gossip even more instantaneous and graphic.
Developers there dreamed up instant communities, parceled out lots, and built look-alike two-story beige and yellow houses.
And even instant coffee quickly turns me human in the morning.
Bizarre oddities, which complicate the puzzle but are meaningless in themselves, flash by in an instant.
For an instant he caught sight from overhead of the sleek, girlish part in her hair.
You're writing better than you ever have, because you write more than you ever have and you have instant access to information.
He stood, and firmly and fluidly held her down for an instant.
It's an instant window into his myopic perception of objects as living things.
She was sure that there wasn't a single academic tradition in film that couldn't be overturned in an instant.
She's an advanced fighting machine, an attempt at instant myth.
They became instant friends, spending their days together while our fathers were at work.
The atmosphere changed the instant the prayer ended.
Lobbied for by designers and musicians, it is intended to convey instant insouciance.
But from almost the first instant, my terror and grief were tinged with an odd relief.
The instant you spray it, its physical traces disappear and only the scent remains.
The de-saturated colors create an instant emotional climate of hooded intentions, muffled instincts.
In an instant, our noble isolation takes on an edge of dread.
Become an instant expert of football's regulations and arcana.
Most networks would have yanked it after a couple of episodes because it didn't make an instant splash.
With the exception of questionable home runs, there is no instant replay in baseball.
There is never an instant when she is not performing.
She rotates her head, presenting for an instant the famous profile, the coin of this realm.
For some kids, spending too much time online means a family trip to boot camp and no more instant noodles.

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