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But others said that there was no conspiracy to unearth, and that the case represented merely a unique instance of bad judgment.
In the case of an earthquake, for instance, the agents bid among themselves to allocate ambulances.
For instance, in the case of planar spine motions, only three input parameters are required.
Still, there can be awkward lulls-between two text messages, for instance.
Studies have shown that exposure to sarcasm enhances creative problem solving, for instance.
It would be great for growing herbs or lettuces on a balcony, for instance.
Note: a comic remains in the library until the last instance is deleted.
Sometimes sacrificing a piece is painful but ultimately may win the game, for instance.
Handing out machetes for instance or writing a book about his campaign.
GM trees could be designed so that they ease paper processing, for instance.
The debate has been discussed in the context of dinosaur genera, for instance.
Still, it could be useful one day, for instance in new types of optical switches for computers.
Three houses and a store were entered last night, and in every instance the thief escaped.
Here's an instance where storebought is better than homemade.
For instance people being tested, for the body to respond to drugs such as antibiotics.
In one instance the station agent and telegraph operator were killed.
Permit me to add another instance of official disregard for law by spitting policemen.
Say, for instance, that someone in an argument starts to foam at the mouth.
Vocabulary, for instance-older people know more words and understand subtle linguistic distinctions.
For instance, she puts meat into a small steel cage with a latch, then times how long a hyena takes to figure out how to open it.
There is, for instance, something unutterably eerie about the earliest photograph to show a human being.
For instance, he did not repeat the notion that the disputes should be resolved bilaterally.
For instance, some of the digits on the frogs' feet have disappeared.
For instance, a red circle next to a white triangle might make the triangle seem red.
Research has shown, for instance, that children who know two languages more easily solve problems that involve misleading cues.
For instance, it could let viewers call up stats on a ballplayer during the game or view a recipe from a cooking show.
Some plant species, for instance, protect themselves from predators by emitting volatile compounds when their leaves get damaged.
In one, for instance, the data showed that the pilot had trouble rotating the plane during takeoff.
Weight gain, for instance, involves a long-term state where caloric intake exceeds expenditure.
For instance, many surgical devices may be removed from packaging, but not used in an operation.
For instance, it could let viewers viewers call up stats on a ballplayer during the game or view a recipe from a cooking show.
But there are other sounds those monitors pick up as well, for instance those of waves and choppy waters.
Play hockey, for instance, and try to get into shape for the mile run.
It is exactly what took place in the present instance.
The science of agriculture and agricultural chemistry, for instance, made quite parallel advances during the nineteenth century.
For instance, you might get a half share of the acquiring company for every share of the target company that you own.
Homeowners, for instance, discovered both the joy and the sorrow of leverage in the past few years.
The use of a lot of antibiotics in meat and dairy cows, for instance, is a result of breeding to reduce genetic diversity.
If it's a general medical journal, for instance, the importance of your specific area is not always clear.
For instance, imagining eating chocolate wouldn't prevent you from gorging on cheese.
For instance, they might ask if a particular human gene is shared with chimpanzees, our closest animal relatives.
For instance, low air pressure lightens the grip, and higher air pressure makes it firmer.
For instance, the hornet still gets the vast majority of its energy from food.
Concrete walls are reinforced with steel, for instance, and a few buildings even rest on elaborate shock absorbers.
It remains possible that the two may be only indirectly linked, for instance through diet or lifestyle factors.
When photographing insects, for instance, it's essential for the eyes to be sharp.
For instance the two predator species may have run into each other, perhaps in confrontation over a prey animal, she noted.
For instance, scientists could watch in real time how an animal's organs develop.
For instance, he might show students a long list of words and ask them to remember as many as possible.
For instance, the antenna in a flexible silicone shell could be attached to a bridge.
Instead of simply measuring how much a school spends on advising, for instance, it asks students how much they benefit from it.
One instance where it might make sense is among relatives.
Beef not ground by her butcher, for instance, was no longer an option.
The script, for instance, was written within one hour.
Banning bonuses, for instance, would drive good people out of companies that badly need them.
For instance, the need to diversify was long ignored.
Some, for instance, may prefer the earthiness of a mud floor to the coldness of a concrete one.
It is thus able to fine-tune them, for instance to keep power consumption low or make touch screens react faster.
Advocates of the mortgage-interest deduction, for instance, claim that it increases homeownership rates.
We enter the hubbub of the school dance, for instance, through a sort of hanging garden of paper roses.
In each instance, asking people to put their perceptions into words led to dramatic decreases in performance.
The floor of the accessories alcove, for instance, will soon be covered in mirrored linoleum.
My sister and my mom, for instance-it's great to see how these books really draw mothers and daughters together.
It was a horrendous job-for instance, the bodice had been glued to the wax torso and then partly smeared with more wax.
For instance, with an artist, he can draw anything you look at-he can draw it.
For instance, prisoners are allowed conjugal visits-provided that one of the parties has been sterilized.
It can be difficult, for instance, to convince a nomadic herdsman that anything is as valuable as his camels or his goats.
Automatic language translation, for instance, never really took off.
It might, for instance, explain the preponderance of matter over antimatter in the cosmos.
For instance, her team adopted painstaking tactics to avoid contamination.
Any forceful disturbance-an earthquake or a volcanic eruption, for instance-could have disrupted the pressurized gas.
Fuzzier shadows--cast by a hand held over a table, for instance--translated into a vague, eerie glow.
Academic efforts are usually well encapsulated, for instance.
For instance, the pitch may rise and fall more rapidly in response to one human than it does in response to another.
Instead of crashing down the stairs, for instance, the robot would recalculate to find the door.
One coevolutionary partner-a prey species, for instance-evolves a new defense.
For instance, the electric charges within a substance normally try to align themselves with an applied electric field.
One might, for instance, imagine gross vitamin deficiencies arising from a diet with scarcely any fruits and vegetables.
Right, one instance of extreme weather is not necessarily caused by global warming.
For instance, unpredictable desert rains cause vegetation blooms, which in turn makes locust populations skyrocket.
For instance, it's possible that the downward slope changed the animal's sense of hearing.
Think about turning to the right, for instance, and the car will adopt the appropriate speed and road position.
For instance, capsules in the plating of ball bearings could be filled with mineral oils to make the bearings self-lubricating.
For instance, one type of game involves a player moving through a landscape visiting a number of locations.
For instance, they depopulate the menus they know are not being used.
Bone-marrow transplants for leukemia rely on stem cells to replenish blood cells, for instance.
For years, researchers have been experimenting with compound-eye lenses in cameras to increase resolution, for instance.
Repeating a phone number soon after hearing it, for instance, uses short-term memory.
For instance, the conductive plastic might function as an electric splice, bridging gaps caused by spinal injury.
Users could, for instance, ask aloud where their friends are and retrieve answers.
But such imaging methods are only able to image, for instance, the outer shape of the prostate.
It is used for anything that touches the skin, for instance, razor blades or surgery tools.
For instance, a user who holds a sheet of paper over an image of a human body might see the bones of the skeleton.
Decaf-coffee lovers, for instance, benefit from its ability to remove caffeine from coffee beans.
Certain types of circuits could, for instance, help regulate the activity of bacteria that produce biofuels.
For instance, efficiency goes down if the material has defects or if the light isn't absorbed as the designers intended.
For instance, it's not clear how the silicon and the indium oxide interact at the point where they touch.
Simply increasing the dose of certain agents, for instance, gives kids an advantage over some rapidly growing cancers.
In this instance the visage was conferred, jawbone and all, by an unspecified donor.
They will present fresh evidence that other factors--high-fat diets, for instance--may substantially elevate that risk.
One drawing, for instance, shows a kapo beating up a prisoner.
It will for instance require that the budgetary position of a member state be balanced or in a surplus.
In the final instance he's no more forced than a politician is forced into politics or a lawyer is forced into law school.
In each instance, it acted reluctantly, adhering to legal constraints only because it felt that it had no choice.
In this instance, key officials appear to have deceived themselves.
Nobody planned it, but in this instance the market rewarded foresight and innovation.
In those years there has been only one instance in which a complainant subsequently felt the need to go to court.
He is, for instance, exploring a sensible revision of open-space impact fees paid by developers.
Consider, for instance, the periodic proposals to tax junk food and soda pop.

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