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Inspired by a seesaw, he devised a swinging lever that tightened the mainspring as it moved.
Photographs often are inspired as much by other photographs as by what they picture.
For many of us, it was the latter group who inspired us to become teachers.
Some locals say that the protests are a rebellion inspired by the leaders of illegal businesses against the rule of law.
Suburbia was a dream inspired by revulsion to city life.
He inspired others to celebrate right along with him.
These accounts, written before space travel was possible, have inspired generations of space scientists and explorers.
It may be conceived of as divinely inspired or as a human attribution.
He ended up raising more cash because he inspired people.
Neither of his parents went to college, and his chemistry set inspired him to pursue a science career.
They are inspired by tobacco's deadly active ingredient: nicotine.
Our faculty also are united and inspired by the opportunity to build curricula, programs, and the college itself.
And it has inspired people to great works of art, architecture and literature.
Players' relationships with bats have inspired any number of myths and tales.
Where his uppity energy once inspired the country's voters, today it seems merely to annoy.
You've weathered well, have had a great career and inspired countless budding writers and students to put pen to paper.
He inspired his designers and engineers to build amazing computers.
He was inspired by fossils of armadillos and sloths.
But it hasn't exactly inspired a bunch of innovation rallies and bake sales.
On the battlefield they inspired terror, harvesting heads and glory with their swords.
Experiment inspired by a paradox tempts a bead uphill.
To make matters worse, the film has inspired a torrent of management drivel.
Animals have inspired countless people to study biology.
Listen to an elephant orchestra's rhythmic sounds and see the video that inspired our article.
Racy, late-night text messages sent by drunks and potheads have inspired a new prime-time sitcom.
Welcome autumn with decorative touches inspired by the bounty of the season.
Autism seems to play a genetically inspired hide-and-seek game in some families.
The gecko's amazing sticky toes inspired scientists to invent a wall-climbing robot.
The father of evolution would be thrilled to see the science his theory has inspired.
The mysterious deep-sea creature has inspired countless sea monster tales and a variety of scientific expeditions.
The wall colors encircling the garden's amphitheater also were inspired by the site.
She became inspired as she sometimes did in the presence of the children in school.
Into them it inspired no other sentiments than those of exultation and rapture.
Their presence inspired his gracious and seductive music.
They were inspired by the idea that flowers and plants naturally turn to face the sun.
Many have speculated about which real-life animals inspired the first legends.
The idea that mating behavior might have something to do with sauropod anatomy was inspired by giraffes.
As a reminder, submissions should be true, original personal essays somehow inspired by this invitation.
But he was more often inspired by the sense of freedom and possibility he found on the open road.
Exactly how dinosaurs got it on has inspired no small amount of speculation.
The inscription that inspired me was succinct and to the point.
We as a race have done incredible things when rightly inspired.
While this may be true, that building is filled with individuals who were inspired-by and copied the techniques of others.
It's a question that's inspired a surprisingly bruising debate.
The burst of hawthorn in a hedgerow or frost on a ploughed field have inspired many of its best painters and poets.
The empiricism that now dominated philosophy and science inspired new mapping.
Cage also inspired him to use games of chance to help set the order of his dances.
Yet unlike much other plastic surgery it is no vanity-inspired whim.
Our collection runs the gamut from useful gifts for the diehard backpacker, to delicate, globally inspired jewelry.
In fact, there is a thread of truth that inspired the prank several years ago.
Distinct cultures represent unique visions of life itself, morally inspired and inherently right.
People are inspired by the monarch's annual migrations of continental proportions.
We neglect this spirit of inspired immaturity at our own peril.
The urge for old-fashioned, satisfying meat has inspired some meat-lovers to take matters into their own hands.
Other coaches inspired their charges to be great basketball players.
The measuring rod is inspired by the poles land surveyors use to map and describe the physical landscape.
As presented in the exhibition, he comes across instead as an inspired poet.
Instead, she and her collaborator came up with an inspired organizational conceit.
Its influence and culture had spread across the land, and it had inspired fear among its enemies.
It's an extraordinary material and it was inspired by the lips of a flesh-eating plant.
The legendary sci-fi franchise that changed pop culture-and inspired two generations of scientists-was rusting in space dock.
String theory has recently inspired a fresh approach.
But he also inspired several groups of experimenters to try to make the stuff.
Only the inspired would want to engage you in discussion.
They had people inspired, then let them down, not a good idea.
And that will prove that the definition of the gram was inspired by cosmic mind-energies.
Many people are inspired by science and dream of becoming astronauts.
There is even a trend toward abstraction, particularly in landscapes inspired by the blur of scenery glimpsed from a moving train.
Tell us what inspired you to set out on this journey, and to pick this particular number of feet.
For an easy-to-make adhesive inspired by mussels, possible applications abound.
The adhesive is inspired by geckos' feet, which allow the reptiles to walk along the ceiling and up and down smooth walls.
Certain kinds of situations inspired tolerance, and other kinds inspired the opposite.
Among his own people, he inspired both pride and fear.
Their work inspired her to learn to solder and familiarize herself with machine parts.
When he began incorporating feathers into the sculptures, he was inspired to paint on them.

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