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Example sentences for insolvent

Remember, the system was about to collapse and they needed the public coffers to keep an insolvent private banking industry alive.
In the old days, bank runs would start when people grew fearful that a bank was insolvent.
Its auditors judged that if the transaction went ahead the company would become technically insolvent.
It means, among other things, that the big four are technically insolvent.
If they honestly admitted the market value of the loans, shares and property they hold, many would be insolvent.
Negative equity does not reduce homeowners' mobility when people are insolvent or willing to default.
Such an infusion would greatly reduce the chances that the company would be declared insolvent.
Meanwhile, an insolvent banking system needs to be recapitalised.
Most of these countries are either insolvent or well on their way.
Patchy compensation schemes have left some displaced families insolvent.
The same government pushing wind and solar and bad loans to insolvent companies.
It is a ponzi scheme that is bankrupt and will be insolvent within a decade.
Honoring tickets of insolvent airlines: more information.
The national pension and health plans seem to be insolvent in the long run.
Some thought that physical gold would be a lot safer than a deposit in an insolvent bank.
Its insolvent economy needs a bigger debt reduction.
When inflation came down, it became clear that a number of them were insolvent.
The financial crisis did not suddenly make them insolvent.
Of course, if they faced the truth, a bunch of them would be insolvent.
It also wants to make it easier to restructure the debt of countries that, in future, are deemed insolvent.
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