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Example sentences for insolvency

First, in the continent that created the debtor's prison, insolvency is still tainted with moral failure.
And a secret-spilling website flirting with insolvency and dissolution suddenly burst onto the world stage.
More to the point, you could easily end up in a situation where tax bills were pushing companies into insolvency.
But the state government is still too big, if insolvency can be called too big.
In the dark, depressing world of football insolvency, miracles can happen.
Nonetheless, it will result in a rise in the deficit and will further contribute to social security's growing insolvency.
The results: a run on the stock, lowered credit ratings and insolvency.
Then came the recession, filling that can with the leaden weights of debt and deficit and the rocks of looming insolvency.
In truth an insolvency was never really on the cards.
Bear's demise also shows how the boundary between illiquidity and insolvency is fast dissolving.
As fears of bank insolvency grew, so did concern about the stability of the financial system.
Enough external financing should be available to prevent a liquidity crisis from becoming an insolvency crisis.
UP is unfortunate to have never had good governance and it continues on the path of insolvency.
The more capital a bank has, the better able it is to sustain losses without skidding into insolvency.
If markets push them into insolvency, the euro zone would melt down.
But having acknowledged one obvious case of insolvency, it does become harder to delay acknowledgement of other obvious cases.
Once each realize the supply side economics is not the best solution if sovereignty debt became the insolvency problem.
The few insolvency losses did occur were all due to customer defaults based on large trading losses.
He is an authority on regulatory and insolvency related technical accounting issues.
Insolvency must take no actions that might jeopardize an ongoing criminal investigation.
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