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Example sentences for insolence

The suitors hooted with derision, and commanded to turn him out of the hall for his insolence.
For theirs is no ordinary insolence,-no common and endurable audacity.
It was a unique piece of insolence, but nobody had noticed it as yet, the attention of the public being directed elsewhere.
The traitors could easily be distinguished by their insolence disguised as obsequiousness.
Where the former film is agonized and sullen, the latter is mischievous and restive, daring us to be dismayed by its insolence.
The writing has an insolence and a swagger that the music lacks.
The scale had become a thing of stubborn insolence, refusing to budge even a centimeter in the right direction.
She attempts to hold down several jobs, but messes them all up through insolence and carelessness.
He soon gained a reputation for impatience, insolence and an inability to get on with other ranks.
They were lifted by insolence above their car loans, their surly arrears, their misspent matrimonies.
Still, no careful listener can doubt that race is an element in the new tone of presumptive insolence.

Famous quotes containing the word insolence

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