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Even teaching is not a requirement and only plays a role insofar as it furthers the inquiries of the scholar.
Insofar as the law permits-which the courts have still to decide-he should be held to account for his crimes.
If they all evolve identically, then pond evolution is only random insofar as some specific outcome is unpredictable.
The location of the ports is flexible insofar as there must be one on each side.
But it is also a beautiful show, beautiful insofar as you can get into these paintings.
The process should be neutral insofar as social and political beliefs are concerned.
Insofar as there's still craziness out there, it's where it should be, in the high-risk margins.
These are technical images, insofar as one can take the flash interval as a basis for computing velocity and acceleration.
Insofar as corpses came up, it was only in anxious reference to the would-be recipient whose time was running out.
In fact, there might even be a point of diminishing returns insofar as articles are concerned.
Insofar as the choices are eye color and hair color, that's not going to exacerbate inequalities in society.
Insofar as the hosts sought to determine the greenest mode of transport, the car won by virtue of its lower pollution profile.
It also is oriented to the limits of language, insofar as those limits demonstrate the existence of problems of communicating.
Or rather, insofar as they have been driven purely by avarice, that's been a large part of the problem.
My understanding is that insofar as cloud seeding and similar measures work, they work at the margins.
Poverty, insofar as it means a daily fight for subsistence, is humankind's natural state.
Incurring debt is rational only insofar as there is sufficient value in return over time.
Insofar as our emotions are manifested as condensation on our skin, perhaps there is some common ground between the two camps.
Insofar as financial investors were involved in the market, they were only following such supply fears, he said.
Insofar as he's canny, he can surely see the opportunity.
These are actually the best of the missions insofar as you get to punch a guy four times.
Insofar as movies react to the national mood, they tend to go against prevailing trends.
Your posts are an exception insofar as you keep your vision on how to improve conditions in your country.
And of course, insofar as chronological verisimilitude is concerned, the play's time has come.
Insofar as no such thing could ever possibly exist, the answer is no.
The film is lively only insofar as the actors are able to make it so.
Let's compare apples with apples, insofar as that is possible.
Her presence is appealing but somehow airy, insofar as it neither disrupts nor enhances the domestic arrangement.
These questions are always fun, but risky insofar as they threaten the credibility of the story.
Monotheism can flow from this- insofar as the law implies a lawgiver.
Basic research is only valuable insofar as it facilitates applied research.
Money has value only insofar as enough people agree it has value.
Knowledge is a good in itself, insofar copyright attempts to commodify and mitigate that good it is an evil.
Craft unionism has succeeded in attaining these insofar as it has been able to apply this principle.
Insofar as the narrative is key, this is a big upset.
And fossil fuels are also subsidised, insofar as their prices do not include the cost of the pollution they generate.
Insofar as politics can be a humane endeavour, opportunism threatens to turn politics into a shameful obverse.
Well, insofar that they have power, they are dictators.
So here's an auction for the gray-cart version, which is a bit more common insofar as there are ninety of them.
And insofar as our leaders have acted criminally, they ought to pay.
It is what shapes the actual agenda, insofar as there is one.
Here as well, how prices move matters a lot: income is relevant insofar as it shows consumers' purchasing power.
Insofar as there is a dominant belief in our society today, it is a belief in the magic of the marketplace.
Insofar as they're concerned, everybody's job is to kind of make them feel good.
Insofar as it represents his own choreography, it is disappointing.
Ideas had value only insofar as they could be put to use.
The incident reminded me that the police have no authority except insofar as they are enforcing the law.
Second, that insofar as there are psychotherapies that are made available to patients, they should be shown to be effective.
Description is only interesting insofar as it leads to recognition and surprise.
Insofar as these adults are so disposed, it is irresponsible or worse for them to take on parenthood.

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