insistently in a sentence

Example sentences for insistently

Within seconds, he's peppering the driver-politely but insistently-with questions.
No writer so insistently teaches the general through the particular.
He reached for her hand and pulled on it, insistently.
He remains insistently proud of this because others tend to lose sight of it amid the gaudier distractions.
Patiently but insistently, they chiseled away for years at athletic segregation.
Ben kicks him out and picks up the phone that has been buzzing insistently.
He insistently urged me to trade the money for dollars.
The writers insistently deflect their gaze from anatomical gender difference, angrily proclaiming that it is a nonissue.
It's more insistently present than housing debt, or even unemployment.
All the summer birds are back and are insistently proclaiming their territories.
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