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So do the calling, commanding ocean and insistent reminders of a shared geological history.
The strong line of junipers in the parkway, marching resolutely downhill, was so insistent that you noticed little else.
The rhythm of protests, followed by crackdowns, followed by renewed protests has become insistent in many cities.
Every time someone wonders something out loud, apologize for your insistent bladder and leave the table.
She is haunted both by the children she could never have and the books she has never managed to write, insistent ghosts.
Right about there, if the wind is blowing a certain way, you'll hear the insistent call of the drums.
His playing is strongly rhythmic, studded with insistent riffs, sometimes sliding into unexpected gospel settings.
In fact, they were insistent, as if trying to persuade the crowd.
But he sounded too insistent, as though he didn't quite believe it.
As waves of flame start to pulse up from the dish, the detector starts an insistent bleat.
Or that possibly the conceptual biases of scientific minds are insistent on defining even what they know cannot be defined.
They were watering the lawn as usual, wearing yellow slickers in the insistent downpour.
It is a delicious condensation of the insistent beauty that has pressed in around us throughout our journey.
He uses time simultaneously to distance us, to advance the story, and to enfold his characters in insistent immediacy.
And the day had been out of kilter already, insistent.
He exuded an insistent aura of cleanliness and self-discipline.
But she was insistent-the tail, the hind legs, the glistening coat.
The following week, the matchmaker telephoned to see if there was any chance of a second meeting, but she wasn't insistent.
They are outspoken, sometimes insistent participants in many legislative and political debates.
Also be wary of people who are so insistent about avoiding a conflict that they willfully deny genuine threats.
Second, the pro-amnesty groups are insistent on confusing legal and illegal immigration.
In his own work, he has been consistent in--actually, insistent on--emphasizing the struggle over political projects.
The drums themselves provide anchor points to the insistent horizontality of the large steel channels.
Governments and businesses must be unified and insistent in opposing such policies.

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