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Example sentences for insistence

Apple's insistence on control should not come as a surprise to close listeners of her work.
The major engine of opposition, however, remains the insistence that health-care reform is unaffordable.
And then there is his insistence that the relentless downward pressure on prices represents an iron law of the digital economy.
The insistence on plainness, the absence of stylization, carries over to the performances as well.
Even the six-page introduction, he later said, was coughed up only at the insistence of his editor.
He was unarmed, at her insistence, although dressed in his uniform.
It's a steady insistence that it's not a producer-consumer model, with the audience full of consumers, but rather a conversation.
The fat clings to the roof of my mouth with the oleaginous insistence of dentist's wax.
Your insistence on deflecting blame away from him is pathetic.
The organization is notoriously difficult to study, thanks to its insistence on anonymity and its fluid membership.
To the extent that they carry any ideological message, it is a simple insistence on freedom of expression.
The studio became widely revered for its creative culture and for its insistence on originality.
His main concern is inflation-hence his insistence that structural reform must precede any other action.
Most arise from an insistence on scriptural infallibility.
There was his stubborn insistence that tobacco was not necessarily addictive.
The insistence is not based on the concern that this is a group that will be forgotten.

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