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Or maybe you're not, and it would be deeply selfish for your boyfriend to insist on maintaining his epidermal integrity.
But those of us who insist on playing with our toys in the academic sandbox need to be radicals.
It is interesting to note that many pro-nuclear lobbyists insist on the inoffensive nature of radioactivity.
It turns out that sloths as actors are a bit difficult to work with in that they insist on napping every twenty minutes or so.
When smaller forums insist on civil substantive dialogue, they often get it.
It's clear that you insist on dominating the comments with your virtual shout-down.
If you consented not to be, or did not insist on being.
We insist on the policy that shall restrict it to its present limits.
He will insist on knowing what the geologist can tell him regarding the growth of these outlines.
Rent equipment only from reputable operators and insist on training when appropriate.
If you insist on serving organic broccoli, this report probably isn't for you.
In fact, the staff may insist on your taking one depending on your demonstration.
The police can insist on body searches as well as drug testing urine or blood.
Not only do they insist on prioritizing themselves, but they also insist on rationalizations.
My belief is the believers will insist on pursuing their beliefs with redoubled effort.
Californians, in fact, insist on this sort of confusion in their entire executive branch.
It is the danger of a slippery slope that makes opponents of torture insist on a total ban.
They insist on moving around and swishing their tails.
Anytime a provider of goods allows a discount sale to a customer, other customers will insist on the same discount.
The élite will insist on being pampered on board and happily pay for it.
Now they are definite, and when such regions become autonomous, they can insist on the definite articles being dropped.
Today, teenage boys insist on wearing baggy jeans so low that the crotch is almost at knee level.
Chevron is already so strong in that market that trustbusters would surely insist on big sell-offs.
My students today seem to insist on having everything their parents have, right now.
But physical scientists, too, insist on critical thinking as one of their objects.
Don't throw your weight around, demand special treatment, or otherwise insist on recognition of your new status.
They insist on perfect miniatures of adult garments.
We insist on seeing their humanity, despite what they've done.
Some images absolutely insist on being themselves no matter what you do with them.
Insist on doing so and you're missing the real work.
Everyone knows children who eat only foods of a certain color or insist on diets of pasta and butter.
The government can and should insist on loan terms that are intelligible to people of ordinary intelligence.
One may emphasize taking intellectual risks, while the other may insist on following the teacher's guidelines.
We have mothers who insist on making our favorite food, and fathers who enjoy giving us their advice.
Increasingly, they insist on choice and control, too.
If you insist on taking the view that galaxies evolved in only one way, then you end up with a dilemma.
Some insist on standing at attention when singing it.
If the best and brightest insist on staying at home, today's imperial project may end-unspeakably-tomorrow.
But it takes longer to make, and to do it properly, you have to employ eccentric people who insist on doing things their way.
She offers us her perceptions, but she doesn't insist on them.
We have to insist on limiting the governments control.
Instead they insist on much higher subsidies for renewables, or portfolio standards that include renewables only.
It is amusing how you can castigate the science based skepticism, but insist on the opposite extreme of blind faith.
Top companies know this and often insist on the full package in research, including some blue-sky studies.
Present results with caution, and insist on equivocating.
The easiest way to cheat on one's taxes was to insist on being paid in cash, and fail to provide a receipt for services.
He did not care about having made history-and did not consider it until others began to insist on it that night.
Ford was right to insist on her right to videotape police actions that occur in public, and others should too.
Find an organization that strikes your fancy, she advises, and then insist on a meaningful experience.
The people insist on remaining informed so that they may maintain control over the instruments that they have created.
Before your project begins, insist on seeing the permit.
Beware of buyers who insist on wire transfers as the only form of payment they'll accept.
There may be some members of the general public who insist on being vaccinated now.
The kind of wages, hours or work conditions you insist on unreasonably limit the chances of your getting a job.
Schneider declined to identify any energy drinks that may be better than others for kids who insist on drinking them.
We insist on courteous and respectful interaction with all people.
Some birds insist on territorial rights and conflicts could result in empty bird houses.
Insist on a written contract that includes the price and description of the work needed.
Make sure to insist on a quality installation of your cooling equipment, in particular.
Insist on knowing a company's physical address, and make sure you verify that the company and agent are licensed.
Please match them as closely as possible and insist on the best possible quality for all reproductions.
If you are a pedestrian, do not insist on your right of way and don't put yourself at unnecessary risk.
Insist on being furnished with a copy of the test report.
Insist on having the establishment number where the meat or poultry was inspected.
Insist on a demonstration of how to use your phone safely at the time of installation or during a test drive.

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