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Nuclear power has many unmatched virtues, its advocates insist.
Insurance companies insist their dizzying array of products meets our need for peace of mind.
Skeptics insist this could be due to the power of suggestion.
It's quite another to insist that it's not even a war.
The opponents of earmarks insist that scientific peer review is the soundest method for distributing federal money for science.
But wireless providers insist things won't stay that way for long.
Most urban planners insist that the city must write off some areas for the rest to survive.
Yet, the conservationists in charge of the move insist that the relocation of the elephants is necessary.
And, once again, critics insist that the entire project is a costly boondoggle and should be abandoned.
It matters to police departments, who insist they fielded the right number of officers.
Or they will insist on shorter lease terms, which will help keep the capitalised value of the lease smaller.
Defenders of the industry also insist that new reclamation standards are not needed.
In fact, some insist that they are doing good by protecting pre-celebrities from real cybersquatters out to make a quick buck.
But toll-road supporters insist that this is the best way to meet the needs of a fast-growing state.
But they insist that they would only give away their cats only to reliable people.
Yet decision makers insist that they bring clarity when information is scarce and outcomes uncertain.
Smokey does have supporters who insist that his message is still relevant today.
Some golfers insist your eyes should be directly over the ball.
Any practical application should be developed alongside existing techniques, they insist.
He loves to be touched and at times will almost insist upon it.
Proponents of the comma insist that without it, you might be prone to absurdities such as the apocryphal.
Nowadays, it's rather more plausible, if not so certain as some proponents insist.
But both firms insist on their products having a slick, high-tech gloss.
He seems to insist on a false split between nature and nurture.
But while city officials insist the debts are substantial and real, no one believes they will be collected any time soon.
Always count their work toward their grade and insist on quality writing.
Yet some economists and investors insist high inflation, even hyperinflation, is lurking in the wings.
They insist that a resumption of commercial fishing would be premature.
But physical scientists, too, insist on critical thinking as one of their objects.
Some investors insist the payback will be worth the price.
Yet donors who were often not academic stars insist on maintaining teams that do not even have great records.
Government statisticians insist that everything will be transparent.
When smaller forums insist on civil substantive dialogue, they often get it.
Hunters insist they provide a public service and should not be taxed further.
If you insist on forcing your taste onto someone else by giving them a book, please do not personalize it with an inscription.
If you have further collaborations, insist on you being first author next time.
They also insist that their leases conform to the mines act.
Occasionally, the security screeners will insist on having a look inside but once or twice through the machine is usually fine.
Yet insiders insist that there is still room for growth.
The only way to keep such a diverse bunch together is to insist that each country's internal affairs are its own business.
Lobbyists insist that theirs is a respectable business.
The members of the council insist that they will not be pushed around by the government.
The review sites continue to insist their ratings are truthful.
They will insist it is not a chili dog, though the uninitiated could be excused for being unable to differentiate.
Skeptics insist, notwithstanding scientific evidence, that there could always be a catch or a loophole.
The publishers insist that e-books must be copy-protected.
She would smile and insist that everything was all right, even if it was not.
But the situation isn't as bad as it has been painted, insist education officials.
But to insist on attending only such meetings is a recipe for insularity.
Today, scientists insist that the compounds that give bitter taste to some vegetables are in fact beneficial to our own health.
He will insist that it is possible to unicycle nearly any surface that can be walked, provided one has the right unicycle.
Insist on doing so and you're missing the real work.
The government can and should insist on loan terms that are intelligible to people of ordinary intelligence.
Some established geophysicists insist that all earthquakes are random, yet everyone agrees that aftershocks are not.
They insist cavities can be prevented by brushing alone.
Everyone knows children who eat only foods of a certain color or insist on diets of pasta and butter.
Its task is daunting: to improve a product that pencil-lovers insist has been perfect for well over a century.
Company lawyers often insist on them because they see others using them.
But nuclear power is not a complement to renewable energy, insist the greens.
Governments are loth to insist that fuel prices be increased and bureaucracies slimmed even at the best of times.
Such intervention means that it is now too late to insist on a purely free-market solution.
Tests elsewhere have found no such contaminants, and experts insist the vaccine is safe.
Emboldened by the protests, its leaders insist that the president should resign.
Industry experts insist there are benign reasons for some of these discrepancies.
He does not insist upon reforms, but he tries to patch up.
It is also the right of every member who notices the breach of a rule, to insist upon its enforcement.
But however complicated a single proposition may be, no member has a right to insist upon its division.
If you consented not to be, or did not insist on being.
Despite those scientists' concerns, security officials insist the machines pose little risk to travelers.
And angry jurors insist that evidence, not race, was the paramount factor.
Present results with caution, and insist on equivocating.
Instead they insist on much higher subsidies for renewables, or portfolio standards that include renewables only.
Top companies know this and often insist on the full package in research, including some blue-sky studies.
It is amusing how you can castigate the science based skepticism, but insist on the opposite extreme of blind faith.
We have to insist on limiting the governments control.
It's a disarming trick, writing a book of essays which includes essays that you insist you didn't write.
And in return for access they insist that journalists agree to all sorts of specific preconditions.
To justify their calling, they had to insist that poetry had more to do with authenticity than artistry.
State television continued to insist that the protesters were armed gangs, and protests continued to be met with violence.
We insist on seeing their humanity, despite what they've done.
The world is too large and human memory too frail to insist only on face-to-face conversations.
Some images absolutely insist on being themselves no matter what you do with them.
The moon, astronomers insist, does have an atmosphere.
Mental athletes insist that anyone can do what they do.
But he and other experts insist that humans and their primate cousins are much less bellicose than the public has come to believe.
Think of the drunk drivers who insist they are fine to drive but then crash into another car.
The agency could insist, however, that the test be advertised truthfully.
We must also insist that the truth be made public and prevalent.
Extremely well-informed people also get in touch to insist that there is really only one doctor, or only one clinic.
Even if you give them a cure and they get better, they'll still insist it was a spell somebody put on them.
The easiest way to cheat on one's taxes was to insist on being paid in cash, and fail to provide a receipt for services.
Both sides insist they'd rather settle than let the dispute drag on through the courts.
He did not care about having made history-and did not consider it until others began to insist on it that night.
Its critics insist this is because its equipment is too insensitive and its testing methods are hopelessly flawed.
If the best and brightest insist on staying at home, today's imperial project may end-unspeakably-tomorrow.
Most recovering addicts insist that two touchstones of a successful recovery are daily routines and rigorous accountability.
She offers us her perceptions, but she doesn't insist on them.
But it takes longer to make, and to do it properly, you have to employ eccentric people who insist on doing things their way.
It is foolish to insist that a novel must be a novel.
But all the same the dissidents insist that things have gone badly wrong at the agency.
The people insist on remaining informed so that they may maintain control over the instruments that they have created.
There may be some members of the general public who insist on being vaccinated now.
Insist on being furnished with a copy of the test report.
Why, their corporations will insist that revenue goals be met.
Con artists often insist that people wire money because it is nearly impossible to trace.
Insist on time to think and discuss offers with trusted friends, family members, or advisors.
When having your car air conditioner serviced, insist on proper repair procedures and quality replacement parts.

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