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Example sentences for insipid

Unless of course you're playing a game, or watching an insipid comedy or goofing with your smart phone.
Artificial and insipid as the play now seems, its combination of emotion, action and theory was considered a revelation.
Everyone knows how delightful the dreams are that one dreams one's self, and how insipid the dreams of others are.
Freshly boiled, because long cooking renders it flat and insipid to taste on account of escape of its atmospheric gases.
Apart from the insipid brew, there's another good reason for the non-proliferation of this drink.
The insipid fruit is sometimes eaten, and the leaves are said to alleviate acute stomachache.
There the federal troopers spent a miserable winter, complaining about the insipid food.
How insipid, miserable and degrading an idle life is without any definite object in view.

Famous quotes containing the word insipid

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