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Example sentences for insinuating

Money often guides esthetic judgment, and at the city's two current jazz festivals money's subtle, insinuating hand is everywhere.
Please be careful about insinuating that mental illness equals violence.
Even worse, their money often goes toward insinuating and propagating distortions of the truth and/or blatant lies.
My best guess is that you are insinuating that pharmaceutical companies have an undue influence on psychiatry.
Insinuating that commercial skippers are thieves hardly addresses the problem.
The former mayor is now insinuating that some of them may have been paid off.
In fact, he was a master of the insinuating ad lib and a natural at self-parody.
But in his derby and with an insinuating manner, he is soon able to establish a distinctive, suavely seedy personality.
With his insinuating voice, which became blatantly seductive the lower he sang, he scored a knockout.
Beneath the poker face of this wickedly entertaining film lurks an insinuating smirk on the verge of widening into a grin.
His songs and shows became central to my life, insinuating themselves into my heart and mind.
Ichabod, therefore, made his advances in a quiet and gently-insinuating manner.
For example, appellant would ask if she wanted a back rub, insinuating that he wanted to do something.

Famous quotes containing the word insinuating

The Puritan, of course, is not entirely devoid of aesthetic feeling. He has a taste for good form; he responds to style;... more
This, mayhap, was not logic, but it was something more potent, more real than logic—the soft insinuating ... more
Cannot a plain man live and think no harm, But that his simple truth must be abused With silken, sly, insinuating<... more
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