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Example sentences for insincerity

They processed the insincerity as rapidly as they processed the basic meaning of the words.
Experienced faculty members on the search committee will no doubt be quick to sniff out any hint of obsequiousness or insincerity.
Sure, there is a fine line here between collegiality and insincerity, intellectual curiosity and intrusiveness.
But his is an insincerity that will never lack admirers.
The same principle is behind the insincerity with which novelist-critics review each other's books.
When you hear kind words but sense insincerity, you could take offense.
Perhaps the seeming incoherence in his thinking on capital punishment is the result of insincerity, as some have claimed.
The fact that he hasn't shows the insincerity of his apology.
Similarly, students will notice when teachers give insincere praise, and this insincerity will make praise less effective.
To combat nervousness that an audience might interpret as insincerity or untruthfulness, sit up straight and take deep breaths.
The chaplain may note any apparent insincerity to the extent it is relevant.

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