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But the two or three places a university can provide amount to an insignificant cost.
Income promotes happiness a bit, but the effect tends to be small and statistically insignificant.
These savings may seem insignificant in the short term, but they add up over a year or more.
The environmental and social impacts of all our gadgets are not insignificant.
It therefore has a statistically insignificant probability of not sucking.
No article of furniture is too insignificant today for decoration.
Further, three hundred and twenty one examples are statistically insignificant.
The farther you walk, the smaller you become, and the more insignificant your problems.
The speed of sound is even more insignificant when compared to the speed of light.
L ow-growing shrubs with small, shiny, leathery leaves and insignificant flowers.
The point is: why report the time to such a large number of significant figures if some of the data is insignificant.
For aficionados of racing, winter is a time of discontent, of insignificant races and of memories of exactas that might have been.
Trust me, they will not labor over such an insignificant fact.
The discrepancy is neither surprising nor insignificant.
Destruction also eliminates the not insignificant expense of storing and guarding the items.
While small, these acidity changes are by no means insignificant.
Produces insignificant flowers in impressive spikelike clusters.
Those relations in fact are mysterious only in certain relatively insignificant details.
They are not insignificant and they are not trivial.
The individual grains are innumerable and insignificant.
The fact that the results display on a smartphone instead of a laptop is insignificant.
The technical hurdles faced by bipedal robots are not insignificant.
Affirmative action seems to have been largely insignificant.
However, there is the not insignificant question of whether he and his acolytes should be brought to trial.
Really makes you think about our insignificant existence in the whole universe.
Insignificant details can detract from an overview of our picture of the facts.
Empowerment is an amazing thing to be part of, no matter how insignificant ones' role may seem.
They are taught that they are the valuable thing, and the system or whole is insignificant by comparison.
But petrodollars and reserves are not insignificant.
The area is poor in natural resources and tactically insignificant.
Income effects on the top decile are statistically insignificant.
The cost per school is not insignificant for those who truly need aid.
Even insignificant homes are filled with tin cans and all sorts of random objects that give life to the game's world.
So insignificant was the porcelain pissoir at the time that no one can remember exactly what happened to it.
Points utterly insignificant in regards to changing the final grade.
Psychologists posit that relatively insignificant events in our childhood have far-reaching effects on our thinking.
As a share of the trips people take, horses have become insignificant.
The computational problem is not exactly insignificant.
The problems with online video are not insignificant.
But these actors are doing it largely, with a few insignificant compromises, without rehearsal.
There's too much insignificant detail though, too much emphasis on fretful detail.
There are a not insignificant number of people who have significant aversions to dogs.
Only the ears retained their normal size, and in proportion to the other features seemed small and insignificant.
Extra credit is a good way to bribe students into performing, as long as the percentage of the overall grade is insignificant.
The flowers are there, but they are tiny, almost insignificant clusters at the base of these bracts.
Predictions about the consequences of this run, as usual, from calamitous to insignificant.
Hanson's figures no longer seem anachronistic or insignificant.
It can be presumed that the steel output for the countries you mentioned are insignificant in this aspect.
Collectively, they aren't an insignificant part of the economy.
By comparison, the rate of deaths from global warming is insignificant and will remain so for decades.
As the number two source of foreign income, remittances are hardly insignificant.
Some are tempted to think of life in cyberspace as insignificant, as escape or meaningless diversion.
The insignificant duties proposed to be placed on food-Times.
Someone changes a seemingly insignificant fact here, and someone else alters a fact there.
The cost of slowing down their production lines would be insignificant compared with the cost of losing their biggest customer.
It isn't the only thing holding the economy back, but that does not make it insignificant.
And in the other stories in your collection, the things that happen in childhood are by no means insignificant.
Yet societies have built elaborate systems of privilege and control on these insignificant genetic differences.
He might come to see once-vital plans as insignificant, or already known.
The amount of revenues that we're generating internationally aren't insignificant.
They did not believe that people are insignificant blips in history.
What you stand to gain from taking gambles is insignificant compared to what you stand to lose.
Insignificant as they sound, such time frames are opening new windows onto chemical reactions and other impossibly speedy events.
But when injected into hundreds of obese human volunteers, leptin's effect was clinically insignificant.
Trade winds are insignificant for jet planning except when dealing with cross winds for landing.
The inconvenience caused by somewhat higher electricity prices is staggeringly insignificant compared to what is at stake.
Their problems rising from bilingualism are insignificant in the big picture.
But the data suggests that even if they do, the effect is so tiny as to be insignificant.
They have been placed under a microscope and that every behavior or thought no matter how insignificant.
Even if different foods each have distinctive impact on us, the influences are supposed to be insignificant.
To state that parenting is insignificant is ridiculous.
In this view, not only is our planet one among many, but even our entire universe is insignificant on the cosmic scale of things.
It also brought an understanding of the vastness of the universe and humanity's insignificant place in it.
Nearly all economists would agree that the effects of immigration are insignificant in relation to other influences.
It is a sign of how fast the crisis has evolved that the treaty change should already be discounted as insignificant.
So, at the individual level, a swing-state vote and a safe-state vote is insignificant.
Sharing personal information online, is insignificant to the purpose of social learning.
Cost was fairly insignificant and no complex electronics or central computer technology were involved.
Any survey of the past decade must conclude that change, while not insignificant, has occurred at the margins.
But that does not necessarily mean the election was insignificant.
But those who dismiss the speech as insignificant miss the point, too.
But the practical effect of all this is almost certain to be insignificant.
The storage tanks that qualify as insignificant emission units are not discussed further in this section.

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