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Example sentences for inshore

They generally hunt alone at nighttime, scavenging the waters as they swim closer inshore and toward the surface.
At these times, sharks might move inshore to feed on fish.
Inshore holes are deep depressions in the ocean bottom.
As spring advances, so the sharks move inshore and patrol broken reef systems that are often close to open sandy beaches.
The trend in yachting these days is to build fast, lightweight sailboats that compete in day races around inshore buoys.
Closed ponds, located inshore, were closed off from the ocean.
Some had originally come from blue-water privateers, some from inshore smugglers.
Events today will depend on the storm surge making its way inshore and levees holding, or not.
The best inshore fishing takes place in the winter when calmer waters prevail.
Divers can also explore the shallow, inshore reefs, and these are popular destinations for night diving.
High wind will result in higher surf, which makes snorkeling both rougher and lowers inshore visibility.
Many inshore lagoons have good populations of snook, tarpon and mullet.
Inshore sights often have lower visibility than those farther out to sea.
However, charters are still available for deep-sea and inshore fishing.
There is no shortage of charters in the panhandle for offshore, inshore or bottom fishing.
As a rule, inshore areas have lower visibility than sites that are farther out to sea.
Studies of inshore areas have shown long-term benthic effects of oil.
The gulls have come inshore, and they cry always, lonesome and hungry.
Inshore wallowed the sinister machine until, suddenly, it bumped a rock.
We cannot fax the permit to you as the original permit must be present at inshore processor facilities and on vessels.
To discuss the development of inshore and nearshore artificial reef plans.
Inter-annual site fidelity to inshore thermal refugia during cool season.
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