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Different panels can be inserted to change the style.
They are created when genes from other species are inserted into egg cells.
To tap a maple tree, a small hole is drilled about two inches into the tree trunk and a metal or plastic tap is inserted.
The plugin lets you set the default dimensions of all inserted videos as well as the color scheme of the player itself.
In this case, something inserted itself into the situation that went beyond the normal tensions.
Melt different colors and apply using a plastic bag with a cake decorating tip inserted.
It was carried using poles inserted through rings on its sides.
Over the next several months, progressively larger plugs are inserted to stretch the lip.
Bulk business mailings are inserted by machine in a controlled, supervised environment.
In this case, the team inserted a gene that produces a contaminant-cleaning enzyme found in rabbit livers into the poplar trees.
In about half of the trials, a moth was randomly inserted into the displays.
He took a coconut and hacked off the top with a machete, inserted a straw, and handed it over to us.
As a result, only blinkers with narrow clips can be inserted.
If a cylindrical capsule containing a suitable gas is inserted into the hole, the atoms of the gas become ionised.
Instead of enucleating them, they kept them intact and inserted the adult cell's nucleus alongside the original one.
The bacteria were then inserted into cultured cells and the viral genetic material reorganised itself to form a real virus.
One key problem is that of connecting the implant, which is inserted into the eye, with the patient's nervous system.
Flustered, they inserted the control rods again, which prompted a further acceleration of the power.
The chemicals of decay were sampled by three collectors inserted through holes in the plastic sheet.
To make a cloned embryo would require a human egg into which a cell nucleus from the progenitor could be inserted.
After he was strapped in place and the intravenous lines inserted, the witness-room curtains were opened.
The wealthy and powerful corporate leaders of this country already have their claws inserted in every sector of this plan.
The borehole is dug in stages, with concentric steel casings inserted to stabilize it.
The power only flows to the plug when the pins are fully and correctly inserted.
He also needed two screws inserted into his chronically injured foot earlier this year.
Scientists inserted the genes from these organisms into specific mouse brain cells.
For the first time, researchers have inserted the genetic material of an extinct animal into a living one.
After the game had gone on for awhile, researchers inserted new images of similar landscapes into the mix.
And each game had four randomly-inserted ads: two halfway through, two at game's end.
Once inside the cell, the tagged genes are inserted into a cell's genome at random.
But sometimes, the researchers inserted typos in the word as it appeared on screen, when the students hadn't made one.
The health care provider will determine the correct spot for the biopsy needle to be inserted into the liver.
There is a small amount of pain when the needle is inserted.
Tissue samples may be taken with tiny biopsy forceps inserted through the scope.
After it is perfected by its friends, the chair asks if there are any amendments proposed to the paragraph to be inserted.
The muscle is inserted by three portions of unequal size into the cartilages of the fifth, sixth, and seventh ribs.
Each arises from the lower border of a rib, and is inserted into the upper border of the rib below.
The muscle may be attached to or inserted into the capsule of the hip-joint.
It inserted itself into the novel, and in many ways became the book's subject matter.
They created another universe, another mythology and then inserted themselves as characters.
His arms are swabbed with alcohol, and two intravenous tubes are inserted, one in each arm.
Bake the cake for about one hour, or until it is golden brown on top and a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean.
Commanders inserted grunts and waited for them to be attacked, using the opportunity to break the enemy over the contact line.
For many infants, the oxygen delivered by the mask is not adequate, so a tube is inserted into the trachea.
Feather-touch crystal pick-up with needles inserted from top.
Over the bureau, inserted in a corner of the mirror, was a snapshot.
Truffles inserted under the skin give the bird an earthy flavor, and the meat is tender and pungent.
Another possible source of infection was the plate and screws that had been inserted during the original surgery.
He even inserted fake mistakes into his fake stories so fact checkers would catch them and feel as if they were doing their jobs.
Hammer's face is inserted digitally on the second twin throughout the film.
He had to try four times before he was able to get a needle properly inserted into her vein.
After boarding a bus, he noticed that the back of his watch had been forced, as if perhaps the police had inserted a bug.
Two of the four short descriptive bits that follow the disastrous satires could easily be inserted into one of his movie scripts.
Meanwhile you have rolled yourself a cigarette, say, and inserted it with great care between your well-practiced lips.
As if to compensate, eight color photographs of ballets and ballet designs of little or no relevance to the text are inserted.
True, the article was inserted in the record after my testimony, but this is hardly the same thing.
It inserted only one incident that occurs nowhere in the work.
Instead, a hollow needle is inserted into the organ.
But the electrode is then removed, and a small catheter is inserted, and a small pump infuses the genetic material into the brain.
At that size, the device would be small enough to be inserted via catheter, rather than invasive surgery.
He also found he could steal information from cards that legitimate customers inserted into a hacked machine.
When inserted into a cell, the transistor can send and receive electrical signals.
However, scientists inserted the genes using viruses, making the cells unsuitable for human use.
The plants are transgenic-that is, genes from other organisms have been inserted into their chromosomes.
The finished part is then inserted into bacteria, where it can perform its designated task.
The image is captured by a scope inserted between the patient's ribs through one of three small incisions.
In the inserted embryo does not implant, you can thaw the other.
The researchers also inserted genes into yeast that allow it to ferment xylose, further increasing its ethanol yield.
All the virus's own genes are removed, and the human endogenous opioid gene is inserted in their place.
When the brush is inserted in the base it completes the transformer, and energy is transferred magnetically through the plastic.
The advertising is inserted at play time, allowing different audiences to be targeted with the same content.
The entire thing can be automated so that new components can be inserted at their proper location within the tree.
Each has to be handcrafted, then carefully inserted into the brain by a neurosurgeon.
When the key is fully inserted, serrations on the top edge lift all the pins to the correct height and let the cylinder turn.
They made a small incision under the wing and inserted two small tubes.
The inserted genes come from naturally glowing jellyfish.
The second challenge for gene therapy is to get the gene, once inserted, to make enough of the desired protein.
Inserted probes were adopted by the developing tissue as a result of the metamorphic growth.
One day, out of sheer curiosity, he inserted a small microphone into a fire ant mound and listened.
With relative ease, these items could be inserted into the necks of the pigs next to the jugular veins and carotid arteries.
The gene was inserted into a group of muscle cells, which manufactured the antibody and released it into the bloodstream.
Layout tables are cleared, packages ripped open, and batteries inserted.
Then he inserted it into a rat's skull, right over the motor cortex that controls movement.
Electrical impulses are transmitted to the computer through probes inserted into the neuron.
Once inserted into a cell, the genes did their job and directed the bacterium's basic life functions of eating and reproducing.

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