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Fill tubes with water, insert flowers, and tuck them into the greenery.
The only drawback is that it requires a trained health worker to insert and remove the implant.
Create a snippet from the header, and you can insert it with a click of the mouse or a few keystrokes.
The usual way of doing this is to insert a needle into the lump and draw off some cells.
Fill both with warm water, insert lab thermometers into the tops, and tie off the gloves around the thermometers.
She wanted viewers to be able to invent their own stories to suit the scene, perhaps even insert themselves in it.
Dust the cut with rooting hormone powder and insert a pebble or wooden matchstick to hold it open.
The boys had been examining the movie case, but naturally no-one had seen the insert with the code.
One of my duties was to order paper by the ton to be made into insert cards.
But it is a dangerous game to forcibly insert morality or ideas of social value into a capitalist society.
Once the first disc is copied, you'll be prompted to insert the next disc.
Broadcasters that insert products into programmes in exchange for money from manufacturers face hefty fines.
Insert the end of scissors into the hole and continue to cut along the line around the bottle.
They home in on the scent of human breath and sweat and swiftly insert their needlelike mouthparts into the target's skin.
Trim and insert safflowers, sprigs of jade plant, and feathers.
Take the larger plastic piece and insert its holes into the metal hooks on the keyboard.
Flip the atrium grate over and insert it in the hole.
The nymphs insert their mouthparts into a human's skin and release the bacteria while they are feeding.
Insert the tip of a paring knife into the tip of the pit and carefully pry pit out.
Remove about enough stuffing to insert the headphones.
They could insert a gene better than they could insert themselves into a conversation.
She leaves a hole in the center to insert a slow-drip hose.
Insert the speaker part of the headphones into the toys.
Insert one end of one ribbon through one hole to the inside.
Pump out the large tube to form a vacuum inside and insert some ammonia.
Insert tent pegs into the ground at the triangles between poles.
There was even room to insert a stairway to the second-floor addition without expanding beyond the house's original footprint.
Before polls open, workers insert a flash memory card into each machine to set the ballots.
To ascertain this easily, insert a clean, wood ruler into the pan before cooking and measure how far up the mixture comes.
The main challenge is to insert the foreign protein into the yellow fever virus without disabling the vaccine.
Buy a piece of cone-shaped floral foam and insert branches.
The procedure still requires a small incision to insert a tiny camera in the belly button.
Once the frame is dry, insert your hardboard and secure it with the original frame backing.
Cut a piece of rebar to the height of the wall minus an inch or so and insert it into the center of the cell.
Pour whey if using, milk, and salt into pot and insert dairy thermometer into milk mixture.
Dip the wire into the glue, then insert the wire partway though the stem end.
Cut a hole in the center of the doily and insert the bouquet stems through the hole.
Then insert your invitation into the envelope with the text facing the flap side.
Spread adhesive around inside of each hole and insert a copper-pipe end cap.
Seal the container with the rubber stopper and insert an airlock into it.
One thing you might do is exercise your right to insert a statement of explanation in your credit report.
The virus could insert itself in the middle of a gene, disrupting the gene's function and causing an inherited defect.
First-time posters who insert links to things generally are.
Bring water to a boil in a pot with a steamer insert.
Problem cannot be solved where foreign government wish to insert code, for for all other companies solutions already exist.
Let dry, and insert the fuse in the center of the cone.
Combine the water and lemon juice in a large pot with a steamer insert.
Guides climb the stacks and insert the plastic tentacles from air pumps.
But some privacy advocates criticized the service for planning to scan the e-mails for keywords and insert text ads into them.
Insert your own pictures into scenes from the movie.
These ads, bought by participating businesses, insert your name and profile picture directly into their pitches.
Squeeze some caulk into the screw holes then insert the screws and drive them home.
Then insert the brackets, one at a time, alongside the box.
If the clips which fit over the pins are too loose, insert a toothpick in each one and squeeze it with pliers to tighten it.
Despite the fact that the package insert says not to give it again if a serious reaction.
Make incisions all over the roast and insert garlic slivers.
He didn't insert his own opinions, and he steered away from the topical controversies of the day.
Insert twelve large lardoons in a four-pound piece of beef cut from the round.
Insert a stab frill in each nest and one in top of cone.
Make a cut at small end of each cutlet, and insert in each the tip end of a small claw.
Cut off point to make opening large enough to insert a tin pastry tube.
The temptation to insert the comma is comprehensible, but slight, and should have been resisted.
All that is necessary to do is to insert this under the snake and lift him off the ground.
We may insert here an observation of a general nature which points perhaps to something of importance.
Hobnails should be taken along to insert if the going is over rocky places.
The insert effectively re-creates the balanced heat of a hearth oven.
Dig holes for arbor legs, place gravel in bottom, and insert the legs.
The company plans to also insert the silk-producing gene into goats with the aim of collecting silk proteins from goat milk.
Genetic engineers can pull a desired gene from virtually any living organism and insert it into virtually any other organism.
Miners wedge diamonds behind sweatbands, tap them into ears, and insert them in other orifices.
And in the lesser conferences they began to insert their comments.
He could then insert each cartridge more quickly and with less strain.
When he speaks, the words spill out so quickly and unemphatically that the listener must mentally insert spaces between them.
Cut a hole in the tape and insert a barbecue lighter.
Insert a wooden stick halfway into each apple at stem end.
Transfer to a plate and cool slightly, then insert a wooden stick into each hot dog.
To do this, insert long wooden skewers horizontally into the cake halfway up the side in about eight places.
Normally, surgeons have to cut open a patient to insert such a polymer, and shine light on it to induce it to harden.
They then insert the telescope, which is held in place by the resident tissue.
Further surgery is planned to remove healing implants and to insert screw-in teeth.
Then they insert a razor blade at one edge and pry the wafers apart.
Simply go out and dig holes, insert a listening device, record the tone of sound of a large quake.
Yet when you insert a third polarizer between the two, oriented diagonally, then some photons make it through.
There are two ways of cheating in an election, one of which is to miscount the ballots and the other is to insert false ballots.
Many people jot down prayers on pieces of paper and insert them into cracks in the wall.
If they accept, users then swipe their credit card and driver's license and insert the game disc into a slot on the kiosk.
Insert the thermometer at an angle into the center of the pudding to get an accurate reading.
Cover each cup with foil, insert one craft stick through the center of each foil, and freeze.
Quality chrome-finished metal license plate frame with high-impact insert featuring team name and logo in raised lettering.
As soon as rude voice starts, conspicuously insert plugs, then stare at phone user with beatific smile.
Students often mistakenly insert two periods, or four or five, incorrectly spaced.
Or use your authority to insert a question of your own.
To insert one of these marks into the text, you simply click on the palette button.
Some of the grazers are themselves food for predators who insert lancelike tubes through their bodies and suck out their innards.
One current solution is to insert solid wood cylinders into the ends of the bamboo.
Blood flukes insert their eggs into the human bladder or intestines.
They can insert parts of genes into other genes, in a kind of natural genetic engineering that can generate new kinds of proteins.
If you want long-twitch muscle fibres, it seems it would be easier to insert the relevant genes than to crossbreed.
It takes no imagination at all to insert a supernatural explanation in some spot where you don't understand the process.
Use a screwdriver to loosen the screws, insert the wires in the hole and tighten the screws.
With the lid off, insert one of the tubes into the hole.
Insert knife into meat to check color of meat for doneness.
Both candidates have called for the agreement to be renegotiated, to insert tougher labour and environmental standards.
One popular method is to insert long, thin, flexible tubes called catheters into the body and administer treatment through them.
Surgeons can also insert fibre lasers into the body to perform precision surgery.
It's difficult to insert a new building into those streets and get it to speak to so many different contexts.

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