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Example sentences for insensitivity

Now he was caught off-guard by the venom of his critics over his apparent insensitivity.
It is a pity that the editor in chief shows such insensitivity to the rights and feelings of others.
Values have become liquidated because insensitivity has been created with the constant barrage of violence within our society.
The problem lies not in the insensitivity of search committee members, but in the structure of the job market.
Every day, small incidents of arrogance and insensitivity such as this make the anger grow.
But his insensitivity to minority issues began to grate, particularly over police brutality.
There was a further insensitivity in the fact that the tube was removed at all.
Most of them conclude that this comment shows such moral insensitivity as to disqualify him all by itself.
Claims of insensitivity, however, have recently turned into charges of outright anti-Semitism.
Insulin insensitivity is one of the first signs of diabetes.
Charges of insensitivity by the restaurant chain are flying.
It shows the kind of arrogance and insensitivity, even smugness, that one finds in his music making.
Such insensitivity could only rub salt in the wounds of a deeply divided community.
But the insensitivity of his comments, in a television interview, and the effects of them cannot be erased.

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