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Example sentences for insensitive

Scripts were revised to delete material that might be construed as insensitive.
The resulting device is robust and reasonably insensitive to heat.
Megan actually has a rare genetic disorder that renders her insensitive to pain.
The float is weighted to make it insensitive to high-frequency motion.
Please take a moment to think about how insensitive your reverie is.
It's not that she's insensitive to people and the planet.
The insensitive new owners plan to turn the castle into a modern hotel.
First, college administrators are not insensitive to high tuition costs.
And their reaction has ranged from slow to staggeringly insensitive.
There is huge demand for it, and punters are mostly insensitive to price.
Others write about dealing with insensitive staff members and violent residents at group homes.
But all these in no way justifies your offensive, insensitive comparisons.
Because lack of technology and perhaps hygiene insensitive it is possible to cause ulceration in the tattoo process.
And that only goes to show how cautious and insensitive some theatre people can be.
It's surprising how insensitive believers can be to their own nastiness.
Yet it would be wrong to label the film insensitive.
They were cruel and insensitive and completely unacceptable.
There is a theory behind this, and it's about being insensitive to fear.
He was neurotic, vindictive and insensitive as well as charming, charismatic and full of warmth.
He was widely decried as incompetent, insensitive, or both.
Trying to change the professional priorities of the community is going to be viewed as insensitive.
We all have the right to be rude, and insensitive, and upset you.
Why are educated, strong people so offended by the words of some insensitive shock jock.

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