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But nobody ever thought to stop us or suggest that it was perhaps unwise to be scampering through choking clouds of insecticide.
Mosquitoes swarm at night, and nobody has come to spray with insecticide.
Insecticide poisoning occurs when someone swallows or breathes in this substance.
It lasted twice as long as the next best insecticide, and cost one-fourth as much.
In some cases, what causes an organic insecticide to work is not well understood.
Without bats, farmers may have to use more insecticide, raising environmental worries and pushing up grocery prices.
No, the date-palm plantations are infested with insects, and insecticide cannot be imported.
If crops contain their own insecticide, spraying becomes unnecessary.
Bring repellent and a spray containing a pyrethroid insecticide to clear your room of bugs.
They fumigated infected burrows with insecticide, killing the fleas but sparing the gerbils.
Insecticides are currently used to control dengue, a practice which runs the risk of breeding insecticide-resistant bloodsuckers.
There are mostly wildflowers around with no plantations of herbicide or insecticide treatments.
The substance in the flask seemed to have all the makings of an excellent insecticide.
The same was true for genes that regulate insecticide resistance.
Engineered crops might also foster insecticide resistance.
Then again, it's also sometimes used as an insecticide, in case you're attracting flies.
Cleaning it out and spraying a general insecticide did not work.
We discarded that, cleaned the pantry thoroughly, and sprayed the area with an insecticide.
The bad weather grounded an airplane and two of three helicopters prepared to douse sections of the city with insecticide.
Many could be saved if they slept under mosquito netting treated with insecticide, yet few can afford them.

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I know for sure that there is only one step from insecticide to genocide.... more
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