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But few scientists have tried to see whether bats have a discernible influence on insect populations.
So selection can show how the caste members of social insect societies can be different and adapted to their various roles.
Scientists have identified the oldest known insect from its fossilized jaw remains.
The insect is caught by the mucilage, then the sundew digests it.
There are no disease or insect pests worth mentioning.
For people in tropical areas where insect repellents and insecticides control mosquito-borne disease, it's a pressing concern.
Insect bites and stings can cause an immediate skin reaction.
Previous studies have shown that losing a few key workers can destroy an insect society.
But if he doesn't get away fast enough, she'll turn him into insect soup.
Scientists have discovered that certain caterpillars manufacture and secrete their own insect repellent, a new study shows.
It's not everyday that insect folks provide commentary on art.
To attract woodpeckers and other insect eaters, put up a suet feeder.
Researchers hooked a series of six electrodes up to the brain and muscles of the insect.
In the insect world, different species can resemble each other, even though they are not the same genetically.
The value of bats for insect control is slowly gaining much deserved public recognition.
With rare exceptions, such as bees and silkworms, the insect world is a source of pests rather than of pets or pack animals.
The body swells up to six times its normal size-from a flat insect to football-shaped.
The rig's perforated red beams resemble a giant segmented insect.
Compost only plant debris that's free of disease, insect pests, and weeds.
The research focuses on the flight of the pestilent locust, an insect renowned for its efficient flying style.
In this country, one of the best known accounts of insect heroism occurred nearly a century ago.
Or make a plant insect-proof, and you are damned for encouraging a more resistant strain of insect.
Most people wouldn't get excited by an inch-long insect crawling on a rock.
Any thought that it might have been an insect eater.
Nearly devoid of insect and disease problems, it's also unfazed by polluted air.
To check state of dryness, try crushing insect with a spoon.
The senators danced and bounced around, some rejoicing in a victory over gambling, some bidding adieu to the insect invaders.
The findings may hold the key to developing new, environmentally friendly insect repellents.
The bats migrate there in the summer and are considered a major insect exterminator.
Explores insect species and shows how they live, work and communicate.
Part of the answer is an insect called the potato psyllid.
What you see in the accompanying photo gallery are the eggs of a few small branches of the insect tree of life.
So come learn who in the insect world is a good friend and neighbor to invite into your own backyard haven.
Apricots are subject to various other diseases and insect pests.
Insect bites that itch, turn red and swell are a common malady of the summer.
The two insect lines, for example, share two-thirds of their genes.
As the leaves flip, they snap together, trapping an insect inside.
Both fruits are generally sprayed with pesticides to prevent insect infestation and usually washed before shipment.
They would tell him, falsely, that the insect was dangerous.
As you can see, this olive has a rotten area where an insect wiggled out.
Scientists have long known that insect pests often travel vast distances before dropping down to prey on farm crops.
Such benevolence is not unique to humans but exists also in complex insect societies.
Although they do not represent actual bugs, they suggest the remnants of insect activity.
Insect repellents are standard summer equipment in beach bags and backyards.
Some offerings contain inedible plant seeds or empty insect exoskeletons.
Here's how your average insect winds up buried in amber.
The record for world's smallest genome has been smashed by a bacterium that lives inside a sap-feeding insect.
Please share the country so the rest of us insect wimps can also avoid.
It keeps the tender insect moist, and it provides protection by hiding a small insect in a large disguise.
In nature, many plants have evolved the ability to synthesize chemicals that protect them from damage by certain insect species.
It seemed the sun would soon warm the day and the tiny insect would be on its way.
The zoo needs an insect expert to find the missing creatures.
Don't mistake this lanky insect for a plain old stick.
Simple insect repellent will help cavers avoid tick bites.
If so, possibly this insect inadvertently pollinated these plants as well.
There is no splash of surf, no whisper of wind, no hum of insect or avian life.
We produce tears in response to insults to the eyes-the sting of onion fumes, a tiny insect that flew into your cornea.
He wasn't one for using any kind of insect repellent.
May noted they have huge eyes, which they use to detect their insect prey.
If you're hungry, you can probably find an insect nearby.
Monarchs are also threatened by insecticides and other methods used to control insect pests.
Learn about how one insect depends on hearing to stay alive.
Occasionally, one would lift off the bottom, grab an insect off the surface and drop back to its chosen holding spot.
One modification would render the insect unable to recognize the human scent.
The air ticked around you, thick with some amazing insect song inaudible to the adult ear.
The insect's flight path can be wirelessly controlled via a neural implant.
Last year he used the method to build the world's smallest robotic insect capable of taking off.
The insect is attached to a clear plate, so that its flight pattern can be better observed.
They had mimicked the structure of an insect surface which doesn't reflect light.
The insect nervous system provides clues to attention, consciousness, and the origin of the brain.
Since then the insect has evolved so much it is practically a distinct species from the mainland variety.
Plants are an obvious route, but until now, no one has clearly shown that they can channel bacteria from one insect to another.
Heat speeds up the incubation of the dengue virus, making it infectious much sooner and for more of the insect's life span.
Healthy trees could produce anti-insect toxins and have energy to spare for building red and yellow pigments.
The plants are often genetically modified to resist weed killers or to generate their own insect repellant.
Both insect repellants and cough and cold remedies were struggling.
The interrogator had to inform him the insect was neither poisonous nor capable of biting.
Use appropriate insect repellants and protective clothing.
Use insect repellents and protective clothing when out in tick-infested areas.
If mosquitoes or gnats are the culprits, insect sprays and wearing clothes to cover your skin can help prevent bites.

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