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He looked straight ahead, his almond-shaped face inscrutable beneath a peaked yellow-silk cap.
The remainder of the contents were equally inscrutable.
What might be called the juvenilia of this inscrutable mind include some attempts at verse.
Above and over all, the mystery of the night and the desert places hovered inscrutable and implacable.
She chiefly communicates with us by means of telegrams, and her telegrams are rather inscrutable.
The touch screen required frequent button presses for it to sluggishly reveal yet another inscrutable multi-layered menu.
Only by nature running its inscrutable computations could the result become apparent.
It is not the only inscrutable country to be cosying up to the inscrutable private-equity industry.
They ought to be wary of inscrutable companies, giving the firms an incentive to change their ways.
Well-being, finally, has no single measure and is not inscrutable to others.
The bad news is internal threats and sectarian strife may be even more divisive, brutal and inscrutable.
The inscrutable senior leadership helps give an air of stability.
Perhaps you thought some of the scenes-grainy messes of inscrutable action-resembled a music video.
The car has become an inscrutable system that either functions well or is replaced.
Most are middle-brow, some are high-brow, a few are practically inscrutable.
As always, he was inscrutable and unfathomable in his motives.
One leaves it with a sense of having glimpsed the inscrutable.
The present-day heirs of this tendency are conceptual artists, with their penchant for inscrutable brainteasers.
The regulars contemplate the world through eyes that are inscrutable slits of suspicion and hostility.
He prefers to keep the political contest a face-off between his own abstract legitimacy and a nameless and inscrutable heterodoxy.
How the addresses in the phone book have become exasperatingly inscrutable.
Reeves is notoriously inscrutable onscreen as well as off.
Early coroner verdicts were educated guesses at best, and sometimes truly inscrutable.
Our arrival and our departure is in other, more competent, more inscrutable hands.
It's knowledge that's second nature to veterans and inscrutable to newbies.
And the bureaucrats who emerge from this wasteful inscrutable process will have absolute power over our legislative districts.

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