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But the simplicity of the typeface would not have mattered much if the inscription itself had been longwinded.
But there's been little discussion to date of how a fake inscription might impact the claims to that area where mosques now stand.
Cards are blank inside for your personal inscription.
The word tablet used to refer to a flat slab for bearing an inscription.
If you insist on forcing your taste onto someone else by giving them a book, please do not personalize it with an inscription.
Its inscription is a self-conscious statement for posterity.
The two are quite similar, differing mostly in the inscription.
The inscription depicted the software's source code, the original programming instructions.
Those who do will get a silver ring with a biblical inscription, which they then give to their beloved on their wedding day.
Our little theory of relativity inscription is, relatively speaking, brand-new.
It's a different story when someone gives you an offprint of a journal article, complete with a sweet inscription.
The plaque with the above inscription sits on a cylindrical urn which contains the ashes.
What sets the newfound cup apart is its inscription, which is still sharply etched but so far impossible to understand.
About the present state of this inscription nothing is known.
There are only two things wrong with the inscription.
Then, on the back of the panel, is the explanatory inscription.
The same is confirmed by the inscription of his first epistle.
Edge-incused inscription positions vary with each coin.
Because of the special design and historical uniform significance, no emblem of belief or additional inscription may be inscribed.
All inscription work will be done in a dedicated area away from gravesites within the cemetery property.

Famous quotes containing the word inscription

"I love you" is the inscription on Pandora's box.... more
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Gratefully accepting the proffered honor, [to inscribe a new legal work to him] I give the leave, begging only that the ... more
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