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Example sentences for insane

For them, going to extremes that may seem insane was actually a logical progression.
Insane with fury, he murdered his family-then turned his sword upon himself.
Take a looks at relative salaries, though, and it isn't as insane as it appears.
The good doctor is also completely insane if he actually thinks that all these students gave up their cell phones.
My vow must have seemed to you extremely cruel, or insane.
The prosecution had mustered three psychiatrists to say that he wasn't insane.
They further found that he was no longer insane and he was released.
But he also has a number of beliefs that are, not to put too fine a point on it, utterly insane.
The apartments wander through the complexity of the building's form, so their floor plans look insane.
It's a perfect example of the kind of word that, if repeated often enough, will make you insane.
Unfortunately, this insane story isn't a tale from a science-fiction novel.
Maybe vibrations in the trucks that transport bees across the country are driving the little buzzers insane.
Upside, college courses are still as insane as ever.
If the price seems insane, it may well be, since it more than doubles the current auction record for a work of art.
It may still be possible to sneak in, but you'd be insane to try.
But keep in mind that the entire economic system under which they work is literally insane.
Why not complain about the insane amounts the smoking hot reps for these companies make to convince docs to use their products.
What an insane idea unhealthy agri-pig farm conditions and infected pigs being a danger to pork eaters.
No wonder new mothers that bottle feed behave in such an insane manner.
The insane naivete of thinking questionnaires actually represent reality is what is amazing.
It's insane how dependent this country is on cheap oil from unstable countries.
It is true what they say about insane asylums, that there is more out than in.
To argue for continued use of oil and coal is insane and it is driven by political ideology, selfishness and greed.
Yes, it has seemed insane to be out of commission for three and a half years.
Other than the fact that not doing so would be insane, of course.
They help generate so much revenue into the school its insane.
It is insane to rack up tons of debt for almost all other jobs.
German cars are mostly maintenance nightmares but have insane performance.
The insane fiscal option is to add to the deficit and the debt.
Therefore, they were considered insane, and sent for treatment.
The author's view is insane because no voter is a computer.
The awards themselves ricochet from the inspired to the insane, with no regard for office betting pools.
He was not insane or incompetent, but he was increasingly deaf and uninterested in the world.
However this works out, it's certain that both e-readers have insane battery life compared to any other kind of gadget.
Or why my personal etiquette often seems makeshift and contradictory, even clinically insane.

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