inquisitiveness in a sentence

Example sentences for inquisitiveness

Curiosity, inquisitiveness, and exploring new ground are common traits.
Because of their inquisitiveness and habituation to human feeding, the herds can be encountered right along the roads.
On plenty of boards made up of old chums, a cosy culture can lull directors' inquisitiveness.
Eventually this inquisitiveness leads them to actually study science and they discover the wrongs in the fiction.
Wendy's inquisitiveness and dedication to serve the citizens will be greatly missed.
They demonstrated a culture of openness and inquisitiveness that stimulated innovation and learning.
He impressed people by his inquisitiveness, his calm detachment as well as his eagerness to learn.

Famous quotes containing the word inquisitiveness

The first questions are always to be asked, and the wisest doctor is gravelled by the inquisitiveness of a ... more
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