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Anthropological inquiry has uncovered flood recall among all different cultures around the world.
Mayor describes herself as a folklorist who studies the earliest inklings of scientific inquiry.
The inquiry did not prove to be the full exoneration he sought and which he continued to seek for the remainder of his life.
The report has not yet been made public, but the government is furious that an independent inquiry took place at all.
Exactly what effect they have on people's behaviour, though, is seldom a topic of scientific inquiry.
After the crash, the government promised a full inquiry, and corrective action where required.
The official inquiry into the government's handling of mad cow disease has finally reported.
But the voice of our age seems by no means favorable to art, at all events to that kind of art to which my inquiry is directed.
But the public sensibility, and our own, has sharpened the spirit of inquiry and given an animation to the debate.
The reader's first inquiry will be as to the qualifications of the editor.
But it is quite absurd to try to be popular in the first inquiry, on which the soundness of the principles depends.
Third, the clearest boundary line involves the need to maintain an atmosphere in which critical inquiry is possible.
Disciplines are seen as disconnected silos that stifle innovation and restrict inquiry.
We find this particularly distressing in a scholarly community supposedly devoted to freewheeling inquiry.
Clear statutory language and well-settled case law provided unambiguous protection against a politically motivated inquiry.
But it was also teaching students a deeper lesson about scientific inquiry.
Even with that kind of effort, however, the university will end up as a less attractive landlord for scientific inquiry.
Some people prepare for a consulting career by taking courses on educational foundations or educational inquiry.
At the same time, they also became philosophical subjects of inquiry.
While the photographs are an inquiry into the overall concept of scientific research, they live as works of art on their own, too.
Scientific inquiry has focused on the utility of the diminutive arms of tyrannosaurs for nearly a century.
It is scientific fraud to ignore other lines of inquiry because they don't fit your politics or funding.
The article did a good job showing the need to establish practice guidelines based on scientific inquiry of patient records.
So, enthusiasm for lofty goals can grease the wheels of inquiry-not to mention funding.
In the end, your inquiry will amount to why is there something rather than nothing.
It is valuable to show human diversity lying at the center of scientific inquiry.
There's no record of a medical or scientific inquiry into whether this would be the best method.
Where animal instinct ends and reasoning or feelings begin is an active line of scientific inquiry.
The study of human behavior is a scientific inquiry, not a philosophical one.
The final lesson is that there may be something missing in the scientific inquiry skills taught to students.
Not to refute real scientific inquiry about how nature works.
People should also be aware not to buy anything without proper inquiry about product quality.
It is always a good strategic practice to encourage discourse, reason, and inquiry.
She values the power of the scientific method, the history of science and the necessity of skeptical inquiry.
These questions are also a direct evolution of all the questions never fathomed, and so never directing future lines of inquiry.
Specialization is, of course, essential and inevitable because of the ever-growing diversity of scientific inquiry.
They function as a gnomic clue that what you are seeing is intentional, while discouraging further conversation or inquiry.
The biological causes of autism have been a source of inquiry and debate for half a century.
We already think of these four domains as closely connected, so rational inquiry in one informs reasoning in the other three.
Commercially sponsored research is putting at risk the paramount value of higher education-disinterested inquiry.
There is anxiety about how searching and professional the commission's inquiry will be.
So it's not as if there's this big gap between physical inquiry and philosophical inquiry.
There is hardly a trace of anything that promises disinterested critical inquiry.
Please join us, and let me know about any ideas for lines of inquiry.
And if there is a formal inquiry into the incident, this is what it will undoubtedly seek to establish.
For some reason, every single request for the name of the dog is immediately followed by an inquiry about the age of the dog.
The casual viewer sees little but per-inquiry spots for gold scams where the adult diaper commercials ought to be.
Marsh found himself the subject of a criminal inquiry rather than the leader of one.
In the book's first pages, a furious self-inquiry builds up.
Discusses newer inquiry texts as opposed to the older-style narrative texts.
His scientific method consisted of bringing a calm spirit of inquiry to bear on boiling emotion.
Yet the confident intelligence in her hands moved down his back, a wise inquiry in the motion of her fingers.
In every sphere of historical study-intellectual, cultural, political-the scope of inquiry has broadened.
To some extent this is a reflection of the ever-widening scope of historical inquiry.
Alternately profound and fanciful speculation determines the direction of pharmacologic inquiry.
How to determine these things is the problem-a problem made more acute by many efforts to limit inquiry.
She left him, and after due inquiry his misdeeds were uncovered.
Panpsychism remains counterintuitive, but it cannot be ruled out at the start of inquiry.
Science as a codified system of inquiry is fairly new, but empiricism is not.
Hence the true scientist should always encourage inquiry in all directions.
But the response to this line of inquiry is often nothing more than a blank stare.
Please give me a chance to connect with colleagues about your inquiry.
Inquiry is the process scientists use to build an understanding of the natural world based on evidence.
There's nothing new about learning science through inquiry.
Scientific inquiry provides the foundation for students to learn how to ask questions and use evidence to respond to them.
It's all right to question your purpose, which will certainly be an interesting inquiry.

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