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Example sentences for inquiring

Nonetheless everybody knows that the police and the judiciary can eavesdrop as they are inquiring into any misdeed.
In school, the danger is that students start identifying thinking and inquiring too much with the tools themselves.
To ensure its own survival it has evolved many intellectual traps that protect it from the weaker inquiring minds.
Many useful insights lurked in its vertices, awaiting discovery by inquiring graduate students.
Critic, in his farewell column, sends inquiring diners to restaurants that are sure to please potential in-laws.
If the candidate hedges and/or starts inquiring about how it could be lower, then you will know that it may not be a good fit.
But to practice good science requires an open and inquiring mind.
It's simply inquiring further into a general statement.
He bought one piece after another, never inquiring who made them or so much as glancing at the prices.
When he found a worthy self-portrait, he sent a message inquiring about why the user took the photo.
Inquiring into and articulating the factors that contribute to crime isn't tantamount to excusing it.
So he takes the next one without inquiring whether itis right or wrong.
He says hundreds of people are inquiring about it, but it takes time for them to find land and arrange financing.
Chances are, you won't be inquiring about where to buy film for your camera, either.
Before inquiring about these options, review the details of the rewards club registration information provided.
They're simply inquiring about the same things that occupy the center of their own universe.
After inquiring over some duet, she debated joyously whether to get that aria or the whole opera.
Some colleges reported that the number of local applicants is up, and many of them are inquiring about nonresidential options.

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