inquire in a sentence

Example sentences for inquire

Inquire about his finances and he talks about his hummingbird feeder.
Information about customers who simply inquire about any of these materials can also be extremely useful to the police.
One might also inquire about dermoid cysts--or certain types of them.
Also inquire if you might get a break with a higher balance.
It is therefore superfluous to inquire particularly concerning each of them.
The queries are generally well intentioned, made in the same detached manner that you might use to inquire about a pooch's breed.
Since coverage varies widely, you will need to inquire about specific options you are considering.
Shoppers should inquire about the differences in cost of shipping or mailing purchases.
You'll have to inquire at your hotel for the location of the nearest public garage.
To inquire about volunteer availability, interested parties will need to contact the event organizers directly.
Please inquire if your sample varies from the listed recommendations.
Please call a specific location to inquire about current office hours.

Famous quotes containing the word inquire

Navajo men and boys have an odd way of showing their friendship. When two young men meet at the trading post, a "Sing", ... more
While love ceaselessly strives toward that which lies at the hiddenmost center, hatred only perceives the topmost surfac... more
When trying a case [the famous judge] L. Cassius never failed to inquire "Who gained by it?" Man's characte... more
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