inputting in a sentence

Example sentences for inputting

The picture above shows medical experts inputting data into a large centralized electronic library.
When inputting book information manually, the program doesn't always skip to the next empty field.
Usually validation means inputting historical data to see if the model accurately predicts historical outcomes.
Therefore, national growth is not as simple as inputting more diplomas as seems to be suggested in the opening remarks.
And thanks to you, faithful readers, for showing up every day and inputting your data into a tidy form.
Inputting addresses and destinations is a difficult process of trial and error.
Inputting text is frustrating and error-prone, and the battery doesn't seem to last more than five hours of continuous use.
Players have also discovered that inputting a number of commands into the text interface triggers seemingly random images.
For swifter inputting, you can connect a full-size keyboard, or ship the files to your computer and enter the tags there.
Instead, a button on the credit card-sized device lets you scroll through the alphabet, inputting letter by letter.
In addition, you have the option of inputting your own cost information if you have it.
In fact, you run the risk of us inputting your selections incorrectly.
After inputting your search terms, you will be provided with a list of relevant results, which can be narrowed down and filtered.
The user-friendly service quickly and easily calculates the amount of interest due by inputting a few details.
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