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Over many millions of years, organic and inorganic materials formed continental shelves.
The various contaminations to which water is liable may all be arranged under two heads: they are either organic or inorganic.
It really would be a surprise if organic semiconductors were to behave in exactly the same way as inorganic ones.
Integrated organic and inorganic fertilization is needed to increase the yield of crops.
Put into this fluid certain inorganic substances from which all traces of organic matter have been removed.
We known how to make organic chemicals from inorganic.
Organic matter behaves so differently from inorganic, though subject to the same physical laws.
Piano has arranged for the organic and inorganic to play off each other in clever ways.
The falling-apart of anything, organic or inorganic, encourages explosions of new growth.
In general, sunscreens contain organic formulas and sunblocks contain inorganic formulas.
The combination allows the adhesive to bind to both organic and inorganic materials.
Bone is living tissue that has both an organic and an inorganic component.
We also need to understand the universal patterns common to all evolutionary systems, both organic and inorganic.
Organic nutrients should go back to the farms and gardens, inorganic back into the industrial ecosystem.
They can be made of a single material or a mixture of several materials, and they can be of organic or inorganic composition.
The new faculty member will teach introductory chemistry and upper level inorganic chemistry and will direct student research.
There are other benefits of scaling down-the amount of costly inorganic semiconductive material is reduced.
Inorganic refuse such as metals condense at the bottom and can be used in roadbeds and heavy construction.
The list includes several vitamins and inorganic minerals as common as salt and as rare as selenium or iodine.
And since there is currently no way to accurately determine the age of such inorganic objects, the mystery will likely continue.
The new dunkable books are made not from trees, but from plastic resins and inorganic fibers.
Metals and other inorganic materials that do not turn into gas fall to the bottom of the chamber as molten slag.
Frankly, unlike inorganic catalysis, synthetic biology is a burgeoning field.
These clusters are surrounded by a shell made of an inorganic substance, to protect them.
Her work takes lust and freezes it, renders it inorganic.
Because the rocks are inorganic, they cannot be dated directly using these methods.
Hence the virtue and pungency of the influence on the mind, of natural objects, whether inorganic or organized.
What she means is that there is something inorganic, derivative and inauthentic about a lot of mobile communication.
And it could be a useful security tool, because different inorganic materials generate varying levels of terahertz radiation.
As a result, the image hovers strangely between the inorganic, mineral fixity of stone and the fluid life of paint.
Minerals are inorganic substances that perform a wide range of vital functions throughout the body.
Less green are those that include minerals or inorganic materials.
They are straight-up, epic interpretations, mostly grounded in truth and intelligence but occasionally inorganic.
Usually syngas is converted into useful products through thermochemical processes that use inorganic catalysts.
Most photovoltaics are made from conventional inorganic semiconductors.
It's good someone is taking seriously the opportunity to make excellent cells in a direct gap, inorganic semiconductor.
For those jobs, you still need silicon or another high-speed inorganic semiconductor.
Metals and other inorganic materials in garbage can be isolated and recycled.
Many inorganic materials and plastics excel at conducting electricity or emitting light.
But once they had provided the first crystals, inorganic processes could have taken over, building on the bacterial template.
Then it struck a flat surface composed of a semi-reflective composite of inorganic molecules.
There is pretty much no known stable inorganic system that could keep that much oxygen floating freely in the atmosphere.

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