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Candidates must be innovative and creative, and must possess superb communications skills and a collegial leadership style.
First, the creative power unleashed by the free-market system will always allow for new and innovative ways to meet demand.
Wow that's a great innovative idea you have given to attract the bees.
But an outreach grant often involves describing unique and innovative activities.
The qualified candidate will have demonstrated success in dynamic, innovative, and highly collaborative environments.
The primary role of this position is to promote and support innovative teaching practices that integrate digital technologies.
Faculty will help develop and teach an innovative and integrated organ-based curriculum and participate in scholarly activities.
Stellar teaching abilities and credentials especially in innovative approaches to education.
We seek innovative scholars and educators who value student-centered, interdisciplinary, community-based learning.
We seek an internationally recognized scholar whose work is theoretically informed and methodologically innovative.
Faculty are expected to engage students through the use of both traditional and innovative instructional strategies.
But there is plenty of innovative thinking shaping the future of public transportation.
The exhibit showcases the work of six artists who interpret the act of hand washing in innovative and unexpected ways.
Where cost is a concern, innovative partnerships and business models have emerged.
US textile manufacturers are exploring an innovative way of making clothing, furniture upholstery, and other products from corn.
They will identify and provide support for projects that focus on innovative energy solutions.
Add audio captions to travel photos and mementos by using this innovative digital recorder and playback device.
Innovative ideas are an important component to environmental action.
Their itineraries are more innovative and experiential-aimed at developing lasting connections between people.
These individuals from around the world offer fresh perspectives through innovative storytelling.
Teams working on innovative stuff were generally kept small.
Studying the art world might even hold out the biggest prize of all-helping business become more innovative.
Patents are broadly required to show an innovative solution to a public question.
Protesters, growing steadily in number, are becoming more innovative.
Lots of innovative ways have been found to conceal the fact that the books don't balance.
Now, his career as an innovative entrepreneur has ended in failure.
The foreign direct investment in auto plants helps generate an innovative and well run auto industry.
Fighting malaria will require more innovative defenses.
Some people seem more naturally open to new ideas and able to put them to innovative uses.
Congratulations to the ten teams for innovative and important research projects.
It also helps households through innovative technologies such as this one.
Manufacturers are more innovative and pay better wages than other businesses.
And countries that are better at integrating immigrants are also more innovative.
Equally important, however, is that racing motivates people-in the stands as well as in the pits-to think in more-innovative ways.
He is regarded by many as the inspiration for the company's innovative designs.
It's an elegant example of how mobile phones are being used in the developing world in incredibly innovative ways.
It will come from innovative breakthroughs from surprising corners of the country.
Now, the brothers are developing innovative laser vision systems that steer cars.
He had a career that was innovative in the early stages of it.
One big question is whether the unbelievably innovative culture he forged will live.
Meanwhile, smaller medical groups may be more innovative.
Not that much-except that they are all awesome, they were all innovative, and they were all endlessly copied.
The innovative forums were shut down over a wave of violent protests, although they were ultimately re-opened.
Still, for a nation to be truly innovative it needs more than a favorable policy environment.
Innovative technology thinking is helping to shape the energy future.
We're looking for your innovative ideas, informed opinion and first-hand experience.
The moral seems to be that really innovative ideas don't get funded-that the system is set up to exclude them.
But there is an innovative and growing worldwide movement to get people to stop chopping down trees.
Building a self-replicating machine may not be so much a matter of new technology as innovative engineering.
The university is considering innovative hiring practices and has changed the tenure process to allow time out for childbearing.
Her innovative study used infrared spectroscopy to compare the ancient amber with resin produced by modern plants.
Certainly the participants deserve a lot of credit for trying out an innovative way to talk about their research.
The patents revolve around innovative concentrations or combinations of these chemicals and package them around a marketing idea.
Bold and innovative, and not stuck repeating yesterday's glories.
True, entrepreneurship is needed to keep the economy running and innovative, but it's not enough.
He talked of finding new, innovative ways to create content and how to distribute it.

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