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It seems that climate change is not only a driver of evolutionary innovation, of evolutionary adaptations.
When people want to change, they usually turn first to the strategy of innovation.
The rapidly shifting landscape makes it tough to keep up with change and innovation, let alone stay ahead of the curve.
Everywhere the nomads destroyed much, but everywhere they brought in a new spirit of free enquiry and moral innovation.
Ports and airports, farms and factories will thrive with trade and innovation and ideas.
The matters also of some of the veterans of the law had not admitted innovation.
Much of the innovation reshaping our world comes from the private sector.
They're being hyped as the future of manufacturing and the innovation that could bring the demise of our throwaway culture.
We seek candidates who show enthusiasm for and innovation in teaching with a minimum of one year of full-time teaching experience.
The collection grew gradually, punctuated by periods of exponential growth due to technological innovation.
Sample more interesting anecdotes from the world of innovation.
Energy needs bring about innovation of using physics to generate power.
Lots of folks were calling for the revolution, beating the drum of an economic expansion spurred by green innovation.
Lastly, five is a big one: encourage innovation in technology and policy to achieve sustainability.
The product was a showpiece of innovation at the laboratories.
Innovation in arm and hand prostheses has been slow because the market for the devices is small and development costs are high.
Constraint offers an unparalleled opportunity for growth and innovation.
We think that in a challenging economy, the time is ripe for ambitious innovation.
In a highly connected, social world, technological innovation advantages last for weeks rather than decades or years.
It is, predictably, much more fun to talk to the innovation types.
But in the theatre of innovation, they are a sideshow.
It used to be that innovation was relatively expensive.
Typically, one salutary side effect of recessions is that they eventually spur booms in innovation.
Let us not confuse imagination with innovation or even with progress.
From the caravel to the cotton gin, technological innovation has made things worse for blacks.
For centuries, breakthroughs in innovation rely on breakthroughs in collecting and measuring data.
They were great architects deeply enmeshed in an urban chain of innovation.
Patents, as is often said, create a tax on innovation.
Innovation, investment, and growth end up being stifled.
The major innovation of nouveau cirque was that the show was no longer a string of acts but a unified whole.
Instead, it was technological innovation that made the difference.
Their aim is to encourage innovation and succession.
In retail, too, paying for space hasn't necessarily hindered innovation.
Usually balanced between tradition and innovation, the festival this year leans more toward the new.
And yet there is a dignity in its specificity and even some innovation in its approach to capitalization and sentence form.
The innovation lies in developing ways to exploit bamboo's resilience.
The real innovation is in the way they are manufactured.
There's a large cultural bias toward progress, a belief that innovation is good innovation.
For all the initial protests, introspection about the procedure now lags noticeably behind innovation.
Biologist's often chalk up questions about why nature does not cover a particular innovation to historical limitations.
Our world is driven by scientific innovation and technology.
Rather, it might have a dampening impact on the pace of innovation since there will be new impediments toward profitably.
With the money and motivation coming together, innovation soon followed.
It's a window into an ungodly amount of computation and engineering innovation and talent.
In a world subject to stasis the cost of individual innovation has few upsides.
As far as chemical weapons go, it's a one-of-a-kind innovation.
Finally, on a social scale the economic growth which our society depends on is driven in large part by scientific innovation.
There are a number of things the new president should immediately do to hasten the approaching boom in energy innovation.
They shared a conviction that technological innovation would shape the art of the future.
As well as being cultural, the newlywed duke and duchess seem to inspire cultural innovation.
But long before it spiraled out of control, it was considered an incredible innovation.
You've got to have tax policies that support innovation.
So there was a rationale for emphasizing further growth of the economy and calling for innovation.
They have created and led teams of technologists responsible for a golden decade of genuine innovation.
The insular scene around him had many competing pretenders to graphic flair, but few to radical innovation.
Meanwhile, official propaganda boasts of rehabilitation-of tolerance, humaneness and creative innovation.
Innovation is critical to economic growth and progress, and yet it seems so random.
Imagine what new ideas the innovation ecosystem will bring to the development of biofuels in the next decade.
But there's more than money to this innovation story.
Leadership in any field requires constant innovation.

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