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Readers share their tales of innocence lost as fans.
My dedication to the campus mirrored the panic and innocence of all too many newly hired faculty members.
He hopes that their innocence will be shown on appeal.
The scriptures do not agree on the governor's ultimate degree of guilt or innocence.
Rose's youthful innocence shines through even in newspaper photographs, as does her unswerving devotion to her husband.
Given all the stuff they're throwing at you, it can't establish your innocence but it sure can deepen your woes.
So any innocence about our government was tempered by those revelations.
May stresses need to emphasize the positive, creative aspects of power and innocence.
The winged innocence of watercolor belies the reality of bloodied birds.
Behind their beliefs is the hopeless longing for innocence.
There is no such thing as the guilt or innocence of an entire nation.
At times he has declared his innocence and then later confessed to being a willing criminal.
He never addressed the science of that in the terms you have but in my youthful innocence it seemed to make sense.
Following a two-day evidentiary hearing a judge denied his claim of innocence.
Oblivious to the furor he had created, he was all angelic innocence.
Several hundred of his supporters continue to protest his innocence.
Children evoke an innocence rarely seen outside sepia photographs.
The pages have rich, simple colors, and the innocence of the characters help kids identify with the characters' predicaments.
If he is not rational, he will express and fight for his innocence.
Although he was prematurely bald he could never shake off a look of invincible innocence.
The innocence a defendant enjoys before the verdict can never be truly recaptured after a nation has seen him in the dock.
His complicity or dereliction of duty or innocence in the affair will now be more difficult to establish.
And not when so much money is riding on this one's continued public innocence.
The executives protested their innocence and sued for defamation.
Critics say this is a sign that the courts did not presume his innocence.
Chastened regulators now talk about a presumption of guilt, not innocence, when prices look frothy.
In the end, his entrepreneurial friends' cunning failed to protect him from the consequences of his own relative innocence.
Snowboarding has somewhat of a youthful, fun, innocence to it.
He insisted upon his innocence in the deaths of his children and refused an offer to plead guilty in return for a life sentence.
Swift's aura of innocence is not an act, exactly, but it can occasionally belie the scale of her success.
Even after legal accusation and torture, many died protesting their innocence.
These cases have something in common: they pivot on the question of innocence.
She, poor thing, goes running to the neighbor to cry her innocence and woe.
The busboy was almost angelic in that white service coat, his eyes drained of innocence, the background a dark blur.
Tim's subsequent referrals did make this innocence less likely.
Today's kids may never know the no-cares time of innocence, exploration and imagination that their parents recall about childhood.
She's fiercely intelligent but has this peculiar innocence about her.

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