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Example sentences for inner tube

We'd feel the clams with our feet and rake them up, flipping them into a net attached to the inner tube.
Make a manifold with three lines to inner tube valves.
Every time you patch an inner tube, for example, you help limit the production and disposal of these nonrenewable resources.
He was relying on a heavy-duty inner tube, a pair of waders and flippers to propel him to the spots he wanted to work.
All are open only during the winter snow season and include the use of an inner tube as part of the admission price.
Other recreation activities include swimming in or floating down the brook on an inner tube.
The river makes a fun spot for canoeing or taking a float down the river in an inner tube.
The park offers paddle boat, kayak and inner tube rentals.
Then try your skills at the pumpkin sling shot to see if you can land a pumpkin in the inner tube floating on the farm pond.
Many campers also bring along their own inner tube or canoe for river float trips.
If you are looking for something more relaxed, head to the lazy inner tube ride.
Typically, free-floating tubing is slower, as it relies on the water currents to propel the inner tube.
Some incorporate boat, raft or inner tube river rides.
Visitors often take a ride on an inner tube along the lake before relaxing at the beach.
The water slides include inner tube slides, enclosed slides and a four lane racing slide.
Hold the inner tube behind you with the center hole encircling your bottom.
So they invited her for a ride in their big inner tube, which was a truck inner tube, the biggest in the pool.
The water park includes a wave pool and various rides that require the use of an inner tube.
Place the funnel on the inner tube and pour the water from the large outer tube back into the inner tube.
During the winter, the observer removes the funnel and inner tube and allows the snow to collect in the outer tube.
The inner tube is the digestive system which you can see from the outside as a dark line inside the worm.
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