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Example sentences for inner city

Rural students are in many ways as at risk as inner city students.
For example, more business travelers than leisure travelers stay at inner city hotels.
Well if you are always in clogged inner city streets and not on suburban expressways, it is excessive.
Soldiers were piling up sandbags, checking cars, sealing off the inner city.
Violent crime is at historic lows right now, even in the inner city.
Many of those who fought their way into public housing, on the other hand, have become stuck in the inner city.
Non-whites were left with high-rise blocks and private rental units in the inner city, which at the time were less desirable.
My husband, when teaching in an inner city high school, told me of an encounter he had with the parent of a bright senior.
The barriers were built to hold the floodwater back from surging to inner city areas.
Inner city kids get archery, hunting thanks to warden.

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Reclusive? The inner city will secure your privacy better than any desert cave.... more
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