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There is a regional variation, with inland areas being cooler in winter and warmer in summer than their coastal counterparts.
The farther inland you live, the stronger this continental influence.
Inland there are numerous mines of metals and innumerable people.
But peasants in inland areas are denied such advantages.
He drove inland through the beachside neighborhoods.
New evidence shows that pollution from these vessels reaches surprisingly far inland.
Another feature is that these great storms to not necessarily abate as they come inland.
We could move inland off the coasts and help relocate a relatively few tropical islanders to continental higher ground.
It also seems to favor coastal regions, whereas the brown- headed cowbird is happy inland as well.
The waves had swept away restaurants and bars lining the beach, as well as homes and cars-and people-hundreds of yards inland.
The storm was forecast to gradually loose strength as it heads inland.
Hurricanes can also spawn severe weather such as tornadoes as they move inland.
The warming of the inland air by the sun can enhance onshore flow with a sea breeze.
If you plan on visiting the coast, the heat won't affect you as much, but inland the weather tends to be hot.
They had fled inland, and a lack of communication and transportation had kept them out of touch.
Other rural folk might be willing to work closer to home in the growing number of factories moving inland.
Its scattered operations position it perfectly for a spread of wealth inland.
The land is not good for farming, fishing brings little reward and local factories prefer to hire cheaper labour from far inland.
Less is known about the destruction wrought in communities along the coast and further inland.
For one thing, fracking uses a tremendous amount of water, a severely undervalued resource inland.
The monsoon seems to be weakening, travelling less far inland and dumping its rainfall on the coasts.
Long before an islet submerges, it will become uninhabitable as inland waters become brackish and sea-defences fail.
Of course minimum wages still apply in inland, but not as much as at the coastal region.
The lucky ones have found work at factories that moved inland, although at lower pay.
Harmony requires that the countryside narrow the gap with the cities, and that poorer inland regions catch up with the coasts.
Manufacturing is beginning to move inland to areas where labour is more plentiful and cheaper.
But after making their point, many of the workers departed for their home villages in distant inland provinces.
The shortage of land on the coasts drove many first-time homebuyers inland, fuelling a huge building boom.
Second, you have major inland cities which the government has chosen to develop.
When the ocean came aground it tore apart everything in its path and carried it deep inland.
Indeed, their dynamism is spreading ever farther inland.
Low wages result in low inland consumption, and falling tax revenues.
The floodwaters, thick with floating debris shoved inland, pushed aside heavy trucks as if they were toys.
Geographically, the coastal areas are much faster developed than the inland areas.
Coastal flooding occurs when a large storm or tsunami causes the sea to surge inland.
Think in terms of a few coastal and inland forays linked by short sea cruises.
Ocean water washes its shores, while close inland, mountains rise to snowcapped heights.
Fears about the crab's ability to colonize new areas are underlined by the staggering distances it can travel inland.
Now, they should be able to travel much farther inland.
Foote says hundreds of inlets, bays, and bayous could carry the oil farther inland.

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