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The inlaid decorative woodwork of some of their harps has already turned them into museum pieces.
The walls are inlaid with fishtanks stocked with exotic, brightly colored species from around the world.
There's a certain amount of whimsy at play here too: for instance, the brightly colored butterflies inlaid into the mosaic floors.
Seashells inlaid with obsidian formed tiny masks for their mouths, which in turn held jade and pyrite ornaments.
But instead, looking up at me with inlaid eyes, was an exquisite gold-and-copper funerary mask.
What remains is an amazing fantasy land of organic pillars and colorful, broken-tile inlaid benches, stairways and sculptures.
The entry walls are lined in imported mahogany, the gallery floors are inlaid marble mosaic with a custom built-in wet bar.
There's even a pig inlaid into a tile circle in the floor.
Take care to avoid snagging the raised edges sometimes found on veneered and inlaid surfaces.
Unlike ordinary glazed tile, the pattern in encaustic tile is made of colored clays inlaid or imbedded in the clay ground.
Surrounding the base is a terrazzo floor, inlaid with a star chart, or celestial map.
These small trays are often carved with intricate designs and inlaid with semi-precious stone and/or shell.
Some of the jewelry was inlaid with turquoise while others had designs etched into the surface.
Other crafts demonstrated are wood cutwork and inlaid wood carvings.
Interior features marble wainscoting, granite columns, inlaid tile floors.
It has a golden appearance and is inlaid in the marble floor.
They were carved into dagger handles and handsomely inlaid with gems, coins, and silver filigree.
Monumental examples include friezes of sculpted stone figures set into an inlaid stone or bitumen background.

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