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Example sentences for inkling

So, from the first inkling of an idea until submission can be a year or two for me.
The first inkling of financial difficulties in here surfaced in the chow hall.
Punters typically have no inkling of where their meal was caught.
But otherwise you have no inkling that the face is there, even though your left eye has been staring at it for many minutes.
Yet it stretches credulity for the party to say that it had no inkling.
But other investors have an inkling that many big programs will eventually be written the open-source way.
The lyrics are full of noble sentiment, if occasionally touched by an inkling of longing or romantic disappointment.
Schumpeter had an inkling of this process but did not go far enough.
But the first and the last can give an inkling of what's in between.
Nor is it necessarily obvious to people who grew up in cities, and who have only an inkling of what happens on a modern farm.
He imagined our perceptions to be but a faint inkling of a far richer reality that flickers beyond reach.
They have clear and immediate utility when you have some inkling of the population history of a given sample.
Again, you sit happily in your armchair without having an inkling of how real scientists work.
As they began to get their first inkling that certain decks were riskier than others, their skin began to respond.
Her demeanor is so tepid that her face registers barely an inkling of emotion.
We have an inkling of this in the dissatisfaction that the practice of struggle leaves in us.
The patient may have no inkling that infection is a possibility.
If there is any inkling that the ceiling is holding trapped water, punch an inspection hole.

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